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Sunday / April 17 / 2011

Life after “you’re fired”: whether in your job or your marriage

What a poignant 24 hours. After yesterday’s ‘white picket fences’ post, I’ve been invited inside the hearts and lives of many cherished friends who are struggling to realize their white picket fences. In the last year, some in the last week, many I call Friend have been told, “you’re fired”. Some from a job. Some from a marriage.

Cynthia’s love story didn’t turn out the way she dreamed. She expressed to me, “It’s what we do along the way that matters.” She’s right. It’s how we respond to life — our perspective — that gives us choice in our journey. Cynthia is a strong soul, who has battled much over the last 14 months, separation from her husband included. I hear her heart and am filled with empathy and admiration. No matter how closely or casually you’re acquainted, you can move someone’s heart.

Karen (Ulrich) Dekkers was fired from her job last Tuesday due to budget cuts. Well-meaning friends keep inquiring how she’s doing so she’s crafted the following response, “If I can get out of bed on my own in the morning, I’m not drooling on myself and no one has to wipe my bum for me, it’s a pretty good day.” You may think that’s a fun and clever retort considering she just lost her job. What you may not know is that in the last six months, she also lost her Mom. And her dog.

Want an example of someone to model your perspective after?
I give you Cynthia and Karen.

If you ask Karen, “what’s next?” She’ll tell you she’s been wanting to start her own wedding and event planning business for a while but has always, “kind of chickened out” (her words). In Karen’s perspective, last Tuesday’s news was, “God’s way of dropping the opportunity in my lap.” She added, “Now I need to run with it to my white picket fence”. I say, sprint, my friend… sprint!

Listen to your friends’ hearts. Be at the ready to be involved in their lives. Dream large with one another and never give up the realization of your white picket fence. Your happily-ever-after is out there, waiting to fall into your lap at just the right moment (probably when you least expect it).

4 responses to “Life after “you’re fired”: whether in your job or your marriage”

  1. Julie says:

    I love you, Donna…. and I love my Kare Bear too!! <3

  2. Karen Ulrich-Dekkers says:

    Thank you, Donna. You said it perfectly. I love you guys!

  3. Stacy Morgan says:

    When I need it most, God gives it to you to share! Love you girl! Kisses to my grandson Zeke! <3

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