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Tuesday / July 31 / 2012

When it’s okay to deceive your spouse

The look on Hubs' face when confronted with my deception...
The look on Hubs’ face when confronted with my deception…

I have a confession to make. For the past two-and-a-half months, I have been lying to my husband. It hasn’t been easy, mind you. Skip-n-I share everything. We keep no secrets. None.

Except for this one. And friends, it was a big one… Read the full story…

Tuesday / February 14 / 2012

The shocking truth about time machines

Roses from my Love Bug (Valentine's Day 2012)
Roses from my Love Bug (Valentine’s Day 2012)

I’ve already fessed-up I like to argue. And so does my husband. If we go several weeks with no debate, our palms get sweaty. (See how I resourcefully used the word, “debate”?)

En route from “wage war” to “debate”, Skip-n-I had a handful of Read the full story…

Thursday / January 12 / 2012

7 ways to live happily ever after

Are you aware of this phenomenon where ‘happily ever after’ is smothered with grumbling and complaining? It’s nauseating.

Far from the ‘happily ever after’ I grew up with in the stories of Cinderella and Read the full story…

Monday / November 07 / 2011

4 easy ways to date your one-n-only

skip-n-donna in myrtle beach

How do you date your one-n-only? Whether you’re 18-years married or 18-months dating, how do you show the love of your life he’s your One-n-Only?

Skip-n-I are big believers in LOVE and loving love. Allow me to share how I date my one-n-only.

Read the full story…

Friday / October 14 / 2011

4 lessons you need for the promise of “I Do”

Skip-n-Donna say, "I Do" (October 3, 1993)
Skip-n-Donna say, “I Do” (October 3, 1993)

To fully embrace “I do”, you must consider the promise long before the wedding bells have rung and long after. Otherwise, they’re just sweet words spoken while wearing expensive attire, and you never reach beyond embossed invitations and heavy hors d’oeuvres. Read the full story…