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Tuesday / July 26 / 2011

Learning to speak a second language: your partner’s

I’m pleased to present my very first video blog (or “vlog”), co-hosted by my husband (and birthday boy) Skip Smaldone. Press the PLAY button in the image below…

14 responses to “Learning to speak a second language: your partner’s”

  1. Ann Racette says:

    you too are sooooo cute!

  2. Ruthellyn says:

    You are lucky to have someone who appreciates the value of communication–no matter how many details you put in. Making that communication short does not always make it sweet, and can make the giver of description feel unfulfilled– and the words become ‘blah, blah blah’..

    • Skip-n-I both appreciate the value of communication, but that appreciation has been nurtured over the years as we’ve LEARNED each other’s language and how to best communicate with one another with respect, love, and understanding.

  3. Sue Koprucki says:

    It amazes me that after 25 years of marriage, we still speak a totally different love language! Sometimes saying “I love you” is something as simple as taking on a chore that the other hates doing (I detest emptying the dishwasher, he detests taking out the garbage and we have this unspoken thing where we just do those things for the other!). He is a sitter and talker, I am a ‘do-er’….. ah, expectations fall short when you don’t appreciate that and communicate that, too! Hmmmm…… my love has never quite gotten the hint of the empty flower vase at the door, though……

    • What a beautiful, ‘real life’ example, Sue. Thank you for sharing. You’re right… the point is not to abandon your own language, but rather to know how to speak AND understand (and to your point, respond to!) your partner’s.

  4. Rick Modien says:

    Okay, Donna, I have to tell you that was pretty impressive. Nicely done. Both you and Skip are natural and at ease in front of a camera, and your message is so relevant and helpful. I’m really impressed.

    And may I also say the two of you make a very handsome couple.

    • Thank you for bringing a smile to my face, Rick. I was kind of hoping for a fun tiff to share from the ‘behind the scenes’ as we were setting up the vlog… but no such luck this time (just Skip teasing me as I attempted to set up lamps!)

  5. Kim says:

    I agree with Sue.. after 27 years of marriage, we still speak a different love language.. I do believe it changes with time.. the trick is to figure it out! Like most long marriages with ups and downs, sometimes it feels like we do not want to speak the same language. Riding it out sometimes speaks for itself.

    • Thank you for your comments, Kim. I suggest we become bi-lingual, not give up on our own language. And the best way to speak and understand two languages is by taking those 27 years (in your case) one at a time (rather than just living one year, and repeating it 27 times). Congrats on your 27 years!

  6. Cathy Dale says:

    Thank you for this!…You are amazing….Can’t wait until your next video. Happy Birthday Skip!

  7. Dawn says:

    Love it…it’s so wonderful you are sharing this with everyone & can’t wait to see your next video.

    • Donna Smaldone says:

      Thank you, Dawn! I appreciate you saying that. I’m planning for at least one video blog each month. Stay tuned!

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