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Wednesday / April 06 / 2011

Love-n-sexy-parts: I’m crazy about my husband’s sense of humor

I traditionally conclude my emails with something standard like, “Best” or “All the best” and so finally took the time to create a standard email signature to save myself an extra step. Lazy? Perhaps. But postpone the name calling till you hear more of the story.

Skip-n-I are big communicators. Big. We wholly enjoy engaging in conversation and find value in processing decisions, ideas, life. Just ask our kids. One, they surely rolled their eyes when they read “processing” because admittedly, we sometimes over-process. Two… well two, I’d like to believe they read my blog.

As you would imagine, there are times when a quick, logistical email does the trick and there’s no need for discussion. Case in point, I scheduled a grooming appointment for Zeke and since Skip is Canine Chauffeur, I sent him the following email…

To which he smartly replied, “All the best??” You see, this was his introduction to the genius of my new email signature. Normally I would take the time to delete it and write something like, “Your adoring wife” so as to unmistakably customize it for him. But hey, at least I was cute within the message itself by adding the ex and oh.

Later that night as we were snuggling and drifting off to sleepy land, Skip leaned over, kissed me good night and whispered, “…all the best.” His sense of humor… yet another thing I’m crazy about.

Now? My emails to Hubs are decidedly signed, “love-n-sexy-parts”.
Commence the name calling.

2 responses to “Love-n-sexy-parts: I’m crazy about my husband’s sense of humor”

  1. brittany decker says:

    Yup I can honestly say that this is a couple who processes … I mean processes!! <3

  2. Donna Smaldone says:

    True indeed, Suki… true indeed! And thank you for reading my blog!! Love you, Honi. xo

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