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Wednesday / March 30 / 2011

Celebrating with surgical precision: birthdays, press conferences, and Ray Agnew

What a picture-perfect day for celebration… complete with blue skies, Adirondack sunshine and just enough Spring to leave your jacket behind.

So just what is there to celebrate? Read the full story…

Monday / March 28 / 2011

Everybody wants to see another birthday, but death is mandatory

Death is the one thing we’re certain awaits, no matter our beliefs, upbringing, health habits or how ‘good’ we’ve been. It’s unavoidable. Mandatory, if you will. Read the full story…

Wednesday / March 23 / 2011

The case for the handwritten note: become a better communicator

Grant and Donna at Grant’s May 2008 graduation from the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC

Anyone got a pen? …anyone?

I’m sure you remember the stylus. It wasn’t so long ago when everyone had a PDA or other gadget with said stylus. Now all you need to gain access to your friends, your network and the world is a working digit. Read the full story…

Tuesday / March 22 / 2011

Life is fragile: today I celebrate Tina Fonzo

Without wordsmithing, I simply say, “Happy birthday, Tina.”

Today marks the day Tina Fonzo came into this world 41 years ago. She left it when she was 16. Read the full story…

Sunday / March 20 / 2011

Butcha can’t take the pastor outta the boy: a world of discovering new beginnings

New beginnings. Isn’t that what the First Day of Spring is all about?

Since Skip-n-I moved back to our roots a little over a year ago, it’s been a world of discovering new beginnings. Read the full story…