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Monday / April 25 / 2011

Sexy phlegm: the plan to market my ‘sick voice’

“…thirteen, fourteen, fifteen — that’s it!?”. That’s the response I get from my cheering section when I sneeze less than 20 times in a row. Aaahh, the life of a multiple sneezer. Said life this weekend was coupled with raspy breathing and a scorched throat. Cold #57 of the season, officially underway. “Good times”, as my son Grant noted with smart sarcasm. He has a knack for making me smile no matter my condition. He also has a knack for petting my forehead when I don’t feel well and that’s the best remedy on earth. Read the full story…

Tuesday / April 12 / 2011

Happy girls club: no pouting allowed when spending time with my nieces

No pouting allowed! That was the impetus behind the birth of The Happy Girls Club. My then four-year-old nieces Lainey and Ella and I had all made our way to Myrtle Beach for the week to spend time at Mom-n-Dad’s. Fun in the sun, right?

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Monday / April 11 / 2011

Life in transition: first time in the story of us we’ve started new jobs at the same time

It was 80-degrees today in the Adirondacks. A day filled with dogs walking their owners, topless Jeeps and prematurely shirtless, blindingly pale-chested gents… all paired with the still smattering of snow. Mother Nature in transition. Read the full story…

Monday / April 04 / 2011

First day of school excitement: skip’s first god rock show at christ church

Yesterday was Skip’s first day-on-the-job as music director at Christ Church and what a first day it was. Neither of us slept well the night before. The excitement and anticipation was evident. We were like two kindergarteners waiting for the first day of school.
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Saturday / April 02 / 2011

Is rubber duckie really the one?: it’s my birthday and I’m irrevocably happy

Is Rubber Duckie really the one? Ernie will tell you he is. Actually, he’ll sing it! I’m a big fan of baths. In fact, I prefer them to showers. So does my Mom. Like mother like daughter. Read the full story…