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Saturday / April 30 / 2011

In love with being in love: be sure to marry your best friend

Big fun last night rockin’ happy hour at Club Sandu with Hubs and Toulouse Street. True to form, Hubs surprised and wowed everyone –bandmates included– when he whipped out the keytar. Never mind their quips about how nice his organ is… Read the full story…

Monday / April 25 / 2011

Sexy phlegm: the plan to market my ‘sick voice’

“…thirteen, fourteen, fifteen — that’s it!?”. That’s the response I get from my cheering section when I sneeze less than 20 times in a row. Aaahh, the life of a multiple sneezer. Said life this weekend was coupled with raspy breathing and a scorched throat. Cold #57 of the season, officially underway. “Good times”, as my son Grant noted with smart sarcasm. He has a knack for making me smile no matter my condition. He also has a knack for petting my forehead when I don’t feel well and that’s the best remedy on earth. Read the full story…

Sunday / April 17 / 2011

Life after “you’re fired”: whether in your job or your marriage

What a poignant 24 hours. After yesterday’s ‘white picket fences’ post, I’ve been invited inside the hearts and lives of many cherished friends who are struggling to realize their white picket fences. In the last year, some in the last week, many I call Friend have been told, “you’re fired”. Some from a job. Some from a marriage. Read the full story…

Saturday / April 16 / 2011

White picket fences: they never look how you imagined… they’re better

Growing up, I imagined my would-be husband, my knight in shining armor. I dreamed about our perfect little house, our two-and-a-half kids, family dog and white picket fence surrounding it all. I called it my “white picket fence”. And I dreamed large. Read the full story…

Tuesday / April 12 / 2011

Happy girls club: no pouting allowed when spending time with my nieces

No pouting allowed! That was the impetus behind the birth of The Happy Girls Club. My then four-year-old nieces Lainey and Ella and I had all made our way to Myrtle Beach for the week to spend time at Mom-n-Dad’s. Fun in the sun, right?

Read the full story…