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Monday / June 13 / 2011

Why I’d argue the best of friends aren’t only found in your college years

I had the unique opportunity to engage with three of my dearest childhood friends this weekend. We’ve known each other since we were “knee high to a grasshopper” (as Angel McAllister would say). How is it that you can be friends with individuals who are so vastly different than you, but with whom you share a bond that cannot be explained or undone? Is that unconditional love? Read the full story…

Sunday / June 05 / 2011

Little gray hair: yeah, I guess this is part of The You Evolution™, too

Eeeek! I found my first gray hair! Actually, I’m pretty certain it was white. Is that possible? No one drives me crazy enough to make me pull my hair out or give me white hair. And according to the research I’ve done, wiseGEEK included, your hair can absolutely not turn white from fright, no matter how extreme.

Drat. Guess that means I’m getting old. Read the full story…