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Friday / July 29 / 2011

Words mirror the inner you: choose wisely

Photo by Laurin-Jade, photobucket.com

In 2011, I am so troubled by words I often find myself pausing to find the appropriate one before finishing a sentence. This works fine as a writer, but seems silly in verbal conversation. Just ask my friends and co-workers how many times in recent months I’ve apologized for said pauses noting, “I’ve got no words left.” Read the full story…

Wednesday / July 13 / 2011

Why “self-help” makes you squirm: we need to be kinder to ourselves

Ever walk into a bookstore, be told the title you’re looking for can be found in the self-help section, only to feign some sentiment about how much your dear friend will appreciate they have it in stock?

What’s the big deal about seeking self-help? Why does it have such a negative connotation? Why do I squirm when I think about the book I’m writing — my book — ending up in the “Self-Help Section”? Is it because when we hear “self-help”, we think, “weak”, “needy” or “babysitter needed”? Read the full story…

Saturday / July 09 / 2011

Finding hope in brokenness: the intersection of real life and hopes-n-dreams

The will to survive is so powerful, it’s instinctual. Even so, in your most desperate moments it takes courage to cry out for help. It takes guts to step forward and admit guilt long before being caught.

Enter Jasmine (the name I’ll use to protect her privacy). Jasmine is a strong, passionate woman in that don’t-worry-about-me, I-can-do-it-all, “superwoman” kind of way (I heard that “amen!”) She’s been married a couple of times, smokes, hates spiders, has a huge problem with gambling, and is currently facing possible prison time because of it. She also loves cats, gardening, hanging her sheets on a clothesline to dry, and walking around barefoot so she can feel the earth.

Read the full story…

Wednesday / July 06 / 2011

The golden rule and self-love: why that shouldn’t find you in shackles

photo credit: aderubio, photobucket.com

If you’re like me, you tend to have a problem with self-love. I believe I honor myself, treat myself well, and don’t have an issue with self-loathing. However I often have a hard time differentiating “self-love” from “selfishness”, as in the arrogant, all-about-me, screw-the-rest-of-you and any consequences kind of selfishness. In a purposeful effort to NOT be a “selfish” person, I sometimes forgo self-love. Does anyone else struggle with this? Read the full story…