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Friday / July 29 / 2011

Words mirror the inner you: choose wisely

Photo by Laurin-Jade, photobucket.com

In 2011, I am so troubled by words I often find myself pausing to find the appropriate one before finishing a sentence. This works fine as a writer, but seems silly in verbal conversation. Just ask my friends and co-workers how many times in recent months I’ve apologized for said pauses noting, “I’ve got no words left.” (Although if you ask my husband, he’ll refer you to our first video blog, where I admitted I often use more words in the first hour than he does in the whole day.) Read the full story…

Tuesday / July 26 / 2011

Learning to speak a second language: your partner’s

I’m pleased to present my very first video blog (or “vlog”), co-hosted by my husband (and birthday boy) Skip Smaldone. Read the full story…

Friday / July 22 / 2011

Let’s talk about SEX, baybee: there’s no such thing as "too much spice" in your sex life

I’m married to an Italian so please understand, to me, there’s no such thing as “too much garlic”. Likewise, there’s no such thing as “too much spice” in your sex life. Ah, yes… now I have your attention.

Read the full story…

Tuesday / July 19 / 2011

[Guest Post] When being gay isn’t always so gay: part III of III

Today’s guest post comes to us from Rick Modien. Rick writes passionately about love, acceptance and self-esteem as they relate to gay people. He’s also a chocolate aficionado, home decorator extraordinaire, and admitted Disneyland addict. He blogs here.

Read the full story…

Monday / July 18 / 2011

When being gay isn’t always so gay: part II of III

Whatever your opinion of Lady Gaga, she nails the truth of unconditional love when she sings, “Born This Way”. The key lyrics spell out the thrux behind this three-part blog series: “No matter gay, straight, or bi, lesbian, transgendered life, I’m on the right track, baby, I was born to survive.” (full lyrics here)

Many of my friends are gay (both guys and dolls, to continue Part I’s theme of musicals from the ’50s). And guess what? They celebrate love the same way I do. They fall head-over-heels, they make good choices and bad, they get cheated on, and if they’re fortunate, they ultimately discover the Love of Their Life. They laugh, they travel, they argue, they buy puppies together. They desire to give love and be loved in return. Read the full story…