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Wednesday / August 31 / 2011

You have to be a “me” before you can be part of a “we”

I think men are more romantic than women. They date and date (and yes, play the field), but when they find the Right One they say, “I can’t let this one get away” and they propose. Women are mostly concerned with Read the full story…

Saturday / August 27 / 2011

How will your love weather the storm?

Picture from The Weather Channel dot com
Picture from The Weather Channel dot com

…aaaaand, The Weather Channel is on. I feel like an addict taking up old habits.

After residing on the coast for 13 years (in Myrtle Beach and Virginia Beach), we watched hurricanes on The Weather Channel SO much, we considered inviting meteorologists Jim Cantore and Bill Keneely over for Christmas dinner. Read the full story…

Friday / August 26 / 2011

What exactly IS the you evolution™?

I’m pleased to present my second video blog (or “vlog”), defining The You Evolution™. Read the full story…

Monday / August 22 / 2011

The phone call you never want to get

Our Monday morning started with more frivolity than usual. Casual dress, sunscreen in hand, and a cooler filled with fruit salad and grill-ables. We couldn’t have picked a more glorious Adirondack day for our staff picnic on Lake George.

And then the phone rang… Read the full story…

Thursday / August 18 / 2011

5 reasons you should drop the ball on arguing

I’m humbled and honored (+ psyched!) to have earned Expert Author status on Ezine Articles dot com, home of some of the most passionate experts in hundreds of different niches from around the world. My post today is hosted on their site and I hope you will read my original post HERE.