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Friday / August 26 / 2011

What exactly IS The You Evolution™?

I’m pleased to present my second video blog (or “vlog”), defining The You Evolution™. Read the full story…

Monday / August 22 / 2011

The phone call you never want to get

Our Monday morning started with more frivolity than usual. Casual dress, sunscreen in hand, and a cooler filled with fruit salad and grill-ables. We couldn’t have picked a more glorious Adirondack day for our staff picnic on Lake George.

And then the phone rang… Read the full story…

Monday / August 15 / 2011

Nails with Neeser: when heroine is good

Denise & Donna (Girls’ Weekend in New York City, Fall 2007)

“Nails w/ Neeser”. That’s what my calendar read for 3:30pm yesterday. A pedicure date with a bestie. Long overdue, much needed time together. 

We reclined in the massaging chairs (quick to turn off the “seat” option because, well, it’s just awkward to have things poking at your butt!) Read the full story…

Tuesday / August 09 / 2011

Are you fluent in random words of kindness?

You know those days when you feel like you’ve been hit by a Mack truck? When your body yanks the emergency brake in an attempt to stop you from running a-hundred-miles-an-hour? When you (and others) begin to liken you to a zombie?

Yesterday was one of those days for me. Read the full story…

Friday / August 05 / 2011

Why the highlight of your week should revolve around hugs-n-handshakes

Highlight of my week: meeting Tommy Spaulding, world renowned speaker, NY Times bestselling author, whole-life advisor (and best of all, new friend) –ACCE 2011 Conference, Los Angeles

I’m in L.A., baybee! …at the American Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) Annual Conference. And let me tell you, this East Coast girl is filled to the brim with new ideas, fresh motivation for both my Chamber work and my writing — and best of all, new friends.

Conferences like this are great for a lot of reasons but my FAVE is the hugs-n-handshakes. Read the full story…