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Wednesday / September 28 / 2011

[Guest Post] What question keeps YOU up at night?

Today’s guest post comes to us from world renowned speaker, New York Times bestselling author, and (best of all) personal friend, Tommy Spaulding. Tommy is a huge movie buff, can study world maps for hours, and loves all things Yankees. His book, “It’s Not Just Who You Know” challenges you to transform your life by building genuine relationships.
—————————— Read the full story…

Monday / September 26 / 2011

You were born to love

I am pleased and honored to be featured as a guest blogger on Rick Modien’s blog. Read “You Were Born To Love” HERE.


Thursday / September 22 / 2011

The journey of depression through vulnerability and rain

Rainbow after a South Carolina storm, as seen from my parent’s kitchen window (look closely… it’s actually a double-rainbow)

Depression doesn’t mix well with rain. To me, rainy days are like depressed days, vulnerable and crying. Whether you’re a depression sufferer or not, rainy days tend to be… well, depressing. Read the full story…

Friday / September 16 / 2011

Learning the art of argument: Lesson #4: Control anger escalation

Learning the art of argument is crucial to having a healthy relationship. This series challenges and equips you to identify your art (whether you consider yourself an artist or not). Today, LESSON #4: Control anger escalation Read the full story…

Thursday / September 15 / 2011

Learning the art of argument: Lesson #3: Choose the right words

Um, yeah… you DO realize there’s a lot of pressure writing a post entitled, “choose the right words”, right? Okay, here we go.

It’s not a megaphone you need in order to be heard, it’s the right words. Read the full story…