Heart Led Health by Coach Donna
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Monday / March 19 / 2012

How to grow a stout heart and cast-iron stomach

Is it just me or is the latest movie trend to have at least one person throw-up in every movie? I blame the puppet vomit scene in the 2004 Trey Parker, Matt Stone movie, Team America: World Police (a scene my boys thought would be amusing to make me repeatedly watch). If memory serves, that was the moment I started exhausting the phrase, “I have to live with boys!” Read the full story…

Monday / March 12 / 2012

Forgiveness means giving up all hope for a better past

When I use the word, forgive it’s often coupled with, battle or struggle — as in, “It is such a battle to forgive my daughter’s ex for his cruelty.” or “I still struggle to forgive the mother of my husband’s daughter for poisoning her against us.”

Forgiveness is H.A.R.D. Read the full story…

Thursday / March 08 / 2012

When your kids call you on your sadness

Boulder at Rockwell Falls in Hadley, New York
Boulder at Rockwell Falls in Hadley, New York

What’s wrong, Mom?” Aaaaahhh, a question with which I’m all too familiar. Perhaps I’ve become more sensitive to the inquiry since I started dealing with depression. But even before I came to fisticuffs with the illness, I was reticent to be fully vulnerable with my babes. But why? Read the full story…