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Monday / May 28 / 2012

I’m alive

Alive with life ! !
Alive with life ! !

I titled this post, “I’m alive” for a number of reasons. This past month has been a time of reflection. You haven’t heard much from the Writer Me but I assure you, with each new moment, I was composing in my mind. ‘Can’t help it. It’s in my blood.

This morning I awoke with a fresh, invigorating newness as if life had just Read the full story…

Wednesday / May 02 / 2012

The culture of war: a personal nightmare

Corbie Sullivan (serving in Iraq)
Corbie Sullivan (serving in Iraq)

Today’s guest post comes to us from 26-year-old tattoo artist Corbie Sullivan. In addition to his tattoo art, Corbie currently works with mentally handicapped adults in upstate New York. But not so long ago, Corbie served in the Army Infantry for three-and-a-half years, spending 16 months in war-torn Mosul and Baghdad. “I joined the Army because every time I watched a non-fictional war movie or documentary about 9-11, I knew I wanted to contribute and do my part,” he tells me. He tells more — much more — in the up-close-and-personal essay he wrote several years ago. The essay, “The Culture of War Brings Jumble of Emotions” was published in The Post Star on Memorial Day 2009 and re-printed here with Corbie’s permission.

This young man is about to take your breath away…

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