Heart Led Health by Coach Donna
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Tuesday / May 26 / 2015

Color outside your silhouette

Our essence is mimicked in our silhouettes. No two are the same and just a small tilt of the head alters perspective. Embracing our diversities, we can challenge, encourage and equip one another for greatness.  Read the full story…

Wednesday / May 13 / 2015

Forging friendship with the girl next door

I grew up in a world of unlocked doors, shared homes and no strangers. A world without emails, pagers or cell phones. Friendships were forged over long talks, tree climbing, sleepovers and lots of imaginative soul connecting. Children reported home when the big clock in the sky told us it was “dark” – a clock rarely interpreted the same by our parents. It was a simpler time. Read the full story…

Thursday / May 07 / 2015

5 reasons we’re so enthralled with #TBT

Throwback Thursday (aka: #TBT) is possibly the most popular hashtag ever. Many of us plan ahead what we’re going to post from week to week. We get excited as if celebrating a holiday. Are you among the masses? Read the full story…