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Wednesday / July 25 / 2012

How long does it take to fall in love?

Skip-n-Donna at Rock, Inc.'s debut gig -- June 16, 2012 (photo by George Laing, Facebook.com/glaingphoto)
Skip-n-Donna at Rock, Inc.’s debut gig — June 16, 2012 (photo by George Laing, Facebook.com/glaingphoto)

Q:  How long does it take to fall in love?
A:  About a fifth of a second, according to UberFacts (featuring unimportant things you’ll never need to know.)

Yes, I’m cognizant I just gave away the answer in the first 10 seconds. So, here’s hoping you’ll stick around for the rest of the post!

People always say they “fall in love.” But what does that mean?
And how do you know when it happens?

A friend and I were reminiscing about an email she once sent me asking, “How do you know he’s The One?” Now, mind you, this was following about four casual paragraphs of: “…great to see you last week …don’t forget to send me that recipe …I’ll never play Taboo the same again!” — and them BLAM! an inquiry which will ‘help me fashion the rest of my very existence‘!

I started a return email more than once but each time I read over my response, I grimaced. My pained expression was my face reminding my instinct what it was feeling, “Don’t email her… pick up the phone and call her, Silly Girl.” [For me, adding “Silly Girl” drives home the point with just a hint of self-deprecation. Plus, I prefer it to “Tool”, “Buffoon”, or “Simpleton”.]

As much as I felt I had a “great answer” because of the way I’ve fallen for Skip, it was more than could be communicated in the written word. It warranted an old fashioned conversation. A soul exchange.

And then it struck me… that was the answer! It’s not a matter of determining “when” you know he’s The One. Rather, it’s a compilation. The when doesn’t happen just once. It happens over and over throughout your courtship (and even after you’ve said, “yes, I will marry you!”) I wrote about it here: How to know when he or she is The One.

It’s like a treehouse for a kid. When you’re there, you’re just so comfortable. It makes no difference whether or not you can explain why. You’re simply free to be exactly who you are, sans the veil of society’s expectations. When you can live there with your love… he’s probably The One.

The question is, who were YOU designed to be? …and does he fit into that picture?

On the eve of Hubs turning the Big Five Oh, I’m awakened to the love, respect, and admiration I have for this man. When I saw how crazy adorable he was, got to know him — and then kissed him — I discovered how wonderfully addicting he is.

I didn’t just fall in love, friends. I JUMPED.



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