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Saturday / April 30 / 2011

In love with being in love: be sure to marry your best friend

Big fun last night rockin’ happy hour at Club Sandu with Hubs and Toulouse Street. True to form, Hubs surprised and wowed everyone –bandmates included– when he whipped out the keytar. Never mind their quips about how nice his organ is…

True to form myself, I enjoyed making new friends and am happy to say I’m now an honorary member of the Tierney family. Tammy and Cheryl went to South High on either side of Skip so we shared stories spanning high school, kids and grandkids. I got to meet Tammy’s beautiful daughters Cassie and Bre along with Cassie’s fiancée Jeff.


The young love shared by Cassie-n-Jeff is genuine and powerful and pure. When they told me (faces aglow) they’re heading to Jamaica in a few weeks to scope out the perfect place to say, “I do”, well… I got giddy. I shared how Skip-n-I honeymooned in Montego Bay nearly 18 years ago and how the honeymoon continues today. They liked that, as I hoped they would. It’s nice for young love to hear something other than, “old ball and chain”, “welcome to prison”, “life as you know it is over” and the like.

When I asked Cassie if she’s marrying her best friend, she said, “yes!“…with her whole face. This kind of young love is beautiful and contagious. It gives me hope for old love… deep-rooted, longstanding, I’d say “I do” a hundred times over again kind of “old love”.

I’m a big fan of being in love with being in love with the one who loves you. Just last night Skip gave me “that look” from stage, which he told me later was his nod to let me know he had just fallen a little more in love with me. How warm is my heart.

All the best, Donna (Racette) Smaldone “Tierney”
(big smile)

10 responses to “In love with being in love: be sure to marry your best friend”

  1. lori milton says:

    We, too, honeymooned in Jamaica 18 years ago (Dunn’s River Falls) … must be the makings of a happy marriage! All the best to Cassie & Jeff – <3

  2. Dave Lion says:

    You two are an inspiration to all the young love out there in the GF area. Keep showing them how it’s done. 🙂

  3. Jeffery says:

    Thank you Donna for the shout out love, fun and good times must be in the rum punch in Jamaica.

  4. Donna Smaldone says:

    That’s some good punch! Thanks for giving me a glimpse into the amazing love you-n-Cassie share. So excited for you two!! xo

  5. Jeffery says:

    The time is approaching for out first but not last trip to the caribbean… We leave Friday morning for Negril.

  6. Donna Smaldone says:

    Jeff… I am such a jelly bean right now! (a green one, of course!) Have a tremendous time! LOVE the love!! xoxox

  7. Ron Kuhlman says:

    Hi Donna,
    I’m playing catchup on your postings and this one caught my eye. Madeline and just celebrated our 48th wedding anniversary. We dated in high school and there has never been another person in my life that I can call my best life long friend but Madeline.
    It’s always been the two of us. Three daughters, a host of dogs and several white pickett fences later and we’re still Madeline and Ron. . . just as butter goes with bread.
    Just thought I’d share that with you.
    Congratulations of a gread blod site.
    Warmest regards,

    • Donna Smaldone says:

      You surely married your best friend, Ron. Warm congrats to you and Madeline. And thank you for being such a great example of how love lives on (as it was intended to).

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