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Saturday / June 25 / 2011

When girl meets girl: sharing the wealth of happily-ever-after

It’s the daydream of every little girl, fancying her wedding day, imaging how special it will be, how pretty she’ll look — even dressing the part and practicing poses, beginning around age four. At this stage, the “who” she’ll marry isn’t nearly as important as the dress she’ll be wearing — provided the “who” has no “s” before “he”.

Last night, our world changed. The barriers tumbled and the wealth of legally happily-ever-after spread. New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the passage of the Marriage Equality Act, granting same-sex couples the freedom to legally marry. In Governor Cuomo’s words, “With the world watching… marriage equality will become a reality in our state, delivering long overdue fairness and legal security to thousands of New Yorkers.”

In response, my girlfriend Edie fittingly posted on her Facebook wall, “Congratulations NY for…….geeze, not really sure what to write. For allowing love to be legal?” Indeed it’s disheartening a vote had to be taken to “legalize love” for some. But this long overdue delivery brings more than a glimmer of hope in the New York state air this day, it brings shouts of jubilation.

I vividly remember when my Mr. Right proposed. Together we planned our special day, taking into consideration the imaginativeness of my four-year-old fancies. Six months later, I was united with the man of my dreams, my best friend, my playmate, my lover, my companion, my soulmate. Suddenly the dress I was wearing had zero importance … well, admittedly less than it did when I was four.

How lucky we were to have so little worry about the start to our forever after. You see, once Skip-n-I decided we were “the one” for each other, the only wedding plans we had to worry about were financial, logistical, and deciding where to honeymoon. We never for one minute had to concern ourselves with being allowed to legally wed, to say “forever” in front of our loved ones, to proclaim our love to the world.

How luxurious to be heterosexuals.


My friends De-n-Cindy share pure love, which they unabashedly spend on one another. Theirs is true love. Theirs is a contagious demonstration of how companionship and passion should be nurtured in relationship. This is precisely why they got engaged the year before last (celebrating 10 beautiful years together) and why today, De’s Facebook proudly proclaims, “Because we’re …Going to the Chapel of Love‘”. (giddy!)

I love how The Adirondack Chick said it in a tweet earlier today, “Yay for gay NYers! Welcome to the wonderful world of family dinners filled w/ questions about when ur getting married.”

But oh, what a celebration it will be!

10 responses to “When girl meets girl: sharing the wealth of happily-ever-after”

  1. Deirdre says:

    What a wonderful blog about a momentous decision. Thank you for writing and sharing this.

  2. Donna Smaldone says:

    Thank you, Deirdre! It is indeed a momentous decision and a sheer delight to celebrate with so many friends.

  3. DeRonda says:

    That was beautiful Donna! Cindy & I are honored to have been included in your (always wonderful) blog. Thank you for expressing what we ALL long for; to love & be loved, to be accepted for who we are & be treated with respect & equality.
    ‘…and the greatest of these is love.’ (1 Cor 13;13)

    Thank you for your beautiful voice of the people & for being an ally to the community.
    “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.“ ~Albert Einstein


  4. Michelle says:

    Great article/blog! So glad for all those who can marry the one that they love and/or have the wedding of their dreams! Everyone should have the right to marry the love of their lives.

  5. Barb II says:

    Donna I some how missed this blog of yours (I can hear the collective gasp!). Once again great job with this one Donna. I always have a smile and feel refreshed after reading your blogs!

    I couldn’t be more thrilled for the state of NY and the countless lovers & soul mates waiting for this to happen. I dream of a day when a couple can marry no matter where they live, no matter what their orientation. Peace be with you!

    • Donna Smaldone says:

      I dream with you, my friend. Oh what a day that will be! There’s still a long way to go, but I rejoice with you for our many friends in NYS. Onward!

  6. Rick Modien says:

    Nicely done, Donna. What I love is how supportive you are of gays and lesbians, and the people we love.
    Love is love, right? How you feel about Skip is no different from how I feel about Chris. Why shouldn’t we have the right to marry? Fortunately, in Canada, we’ve been able to legally marry our same-sex partners nation-wide since about 2005. I wait for the day when everyone in the U.S. will be able to do the same.
    We need a lot more straight and openminded people like you on our side. Together, we’ll make it happen.
    Love your writing, by the way.

    • Donna Smaldone says:

      Thank you, Rick. You warm my heart in so many ways, and yet we’ve only just met. I LOVE love… pure, unadulterated, giddy, head-over-heels-for-19-years love… like the love you and Chris share. Thank you for so openly and honestly sharing with us your heart, thoughts, and lives. I encourage all my readers to visit your blog here: http://thisgayrelationship.blogspot.com

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