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Monday / November 07 / 2011

4 easy ways to date your one-n-only

skip-n-donna in myrtle beach

How do you date your one-n-only? Whether you’re 18-years married or 18-months dating, how do you show the love of your life he’s your One-n-Only?

Skip-n-I are big believers in LOVE and loving love. Allow me to share how I date my one-n-only.

Four Easy Ways to Date Your One-n-Only

(1) Blush!
Do you blush when he gives you that ‘come hither’ look? Do you exchange suggestive glances over dinner? Do you allow yourselves the luxury of “fooling around” in the middle of the day? Friends, it’s time to start to start blushing again.

(2) Wear his class ring.
Skip-n-I have been together for 20 years. We didn’t even know each other in high school (let alone date), but I have Skip’s South High class ring (go, Bulldogs!) – and remain a proud, honorary member of the Tierney family.

When we go out on what I consider a traditional date (like a movie-date at the Aviation Mall or Aimie’s Dinner & Movie), I often wear Skip’s 1980 class ring. No need to put yarn around it, I simply wear it on my thumb. And you know what? He loves it! He loves that his ring shows all the other boys we’re going steady.

Yes, I wear the wedding ring he gave me every day (and I love it). But there’s just something sexy about wearing his high school class ring that really works. [Here’s where I say, “trust me… just try it!!”]

(3) Public Display of Affection (PDA)
Oh, yes. You heard me. Demonstrate your love for all to see. NOT in a nauseating kind of way. I am not suggesting you go all “shmoopy” like they did on Seinfeld. But let me ask you this… do you hold hands in public? Do you greet one another with a kiss and an embrace? Are you genuinely glad to see one another?

Does he open the car door for you? (Have you told him that would mean something to you?) Does he put his arm around you and lead you into a room?

I don’t know a girl who doesn’t want to be treated like a princess.

(4) Say, “I love you!”
This may seem like the most obvious one, but allow me to share what my husband says, “I told my wife, “I love you” on our wedding day. And I like to think that I show her every day. But, if I never say, “I love you” to her again, do you think she’ll just assume that I do!?”

Great point, Babe!

When Skip tells me, “I love you!”, I beam!! I realize how amazing he is and how with all the women in the world, he chose me. He chose me!

He feels likewise.

Take small steps to remind your One-n-Only why he’s truly your One-n-Only. Those steps make all the difference.

2 responses to “4 easy ways to date your one-n-only”

  1. Rick says:

    When I read this yesterday, Donna, the one that resonated most for me was #3, PDA. Unfortunately, Chris and I don’t have the same options as straight people do in terms of PDA, unless we’re talking about when we attend Pride parades, which we rarely do these days. Then, we hold each other’s hand and kiss discreetly. How freeing it is to be able to do that with my life partner, the man I love more than anything–to do what straight people take for granted.

    But could we do the same thing any old time of the year, wherever we might be? Not if we don’t want to cause ourselves a whole lot of trouble. Maybe some day. But not this day.

    Great points, Donna. Good reminders all around.

    • Donna Smaldone says:

      Thank you for sharing, Rick. It breaks my heart to hear you say that, though I understand the reality. My hope is that “some day” comes soon.

      Love, Donna

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