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Tuesday / May 17 / 2011

Fallen in love and I can’t get up: celebrating the 19th anniversary of falling (literally) in hubs’ lap

Nor do I want to. I love where I landed and hope I continue to fall over and over again.

Here’s “the rest of the story”, at least the one I included as the header for this post. In August 1993, just a couple months shy of the day we said, “I do!”, Skip recorded a music video with rising country music star Charlie Floyd. The name of the song? You guessed it, “I’ve Fallen in Love (and I Can’t Get Up)”. There was a heightened sense of excitement, cameras to capture every angle, lights galore, producers shouting orders, and lots of scantily clad, heavily made up country girls. Um, yeah… even knowing I was engaged to the keyboard player, said producers gently asked me to blend in with the dancing crowd. Seriously. Not “hot” enough for the hot tub evidently.

And then… they played the song, and sections of it, over and over and over and over… Which explains why it still resonates in my brain today.

I tried to track down the video but can’t put my hands on it (doggonit). If you can, please share! In the meantime, listen to a snippet here (track 4): I’ve Fallen in Love (and I Can’t Get Up) And yes, you will now be singing the lick all day. You’re welcome.

Many of you know the “Story of Us” and how I (quite literally) fell into my husband’s lap. Today we celebrate the anniversary of said fall, which happened 19 years ago. Happy Anny, Baby!

My Sexy HubsNot only is today the birth day of a new and everlasting love, it is also the birth day of my childhood bestie, Julie (Philips) Kaiser. Of course up until this blog post, she just thought I had a tremendously good memory for her special day. Guess that cover’s blown. While I’m at it, “Happy Birthday” is also in order for childhood friend De Hastings and comparatively new friend Andy Gscheidle.

I’m a blessed woman to be surrounded by tremendous friends and a loving family. But most especially today, I say “cheers” to you, my cherished Hubs… for without you, I’d be a shell of me. Oh, and thank you for being a sexy rocker instead of continuing down that country road.

6 responses to “Fallen in love and I can’t get up: celebrating the 19th anniversary of falling (literally) in hubs’ lap”

  1. DeRonda Hastings says:

    Happy Anniversary Donna & Skip! I wish you all the happiness in the world! (…though it looks like you have that completely covered,)
    I’m honored to have been mentioned & sharing in your special post…
    5/17’ers ROCK! :O)

  2. Elaine Racette says:

    I remember that day.

  3. Julie says:

    Thanks Donna!! Happy day to you and Skip!! I don’t care how you remember me… as long as you remember!! 😉 I love you more than you know!!! And I love Skip for loving you so much!!! ~Julie

  4. Karen Ulrich-Dekkers says:

    You guys are so cute!

  5. Skip Smaldone says:

    What a day! 19 years. Seems like I’ve loved you forever…

  6. Jessica says:

    For someone who hasn’t had an image of what love could be, should be, or what a healthy relationship looks like, it’s absolutely facinating to me. I’m a better me for knowing the love that you both have for each other (is that weird?? LOL!!!). It is good to know that real love is possible .. not without it’s up’s and down’s – not without it’s tears and laughter – but it IS REAL. It’s not just a story made by Walt Disney anymore – it is within both of you and I am privilaged to have seen and do see the glimpses of what I myself COULD have if I stay true to really desiring that and not settling. (deep sigh) I love, love ..

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