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Thursday / December 22 / 2011

3 reasons to lock lips with your lover

When I wrote the post, “Why a 20-second KISS matters” I received a lot of great feedback, including what a tease it was to include nothing about actual kissing! Well, my friends, wet your lips and prepare for some smooch talk.

Skip-n-I are big fans of kissing. Huge. I remember with vivid fondness our first kiss. It was delectable in every way, stripping away all facades, uniting our souls. To this day, the memory sends delightful shivers up my spine (as does every new kiss, for that matter).

Kissing. Smooching. Locking lips. Swapping spit. Whatever you call it, it’s wholly intimate (well, perhaps with the exception of “swapping spit”). Which is why in the 1990 romantic comedy, “Pretty Woman“, Julia Robert’s down-on-her-luck prostitute character says she’ll do anything, “But I don’t kiss on the mouth.” It’s simply too intimate to give away to a stranger.

A peck is something you can share casually to say just about anything: hello, good-bye, thank you, good to see you, good luck, I appreciate you, even I love you.

But a kiss a full, wet, sloppy (or neat!), embrace-your-whole face kind of kiss that makes you forget your first name… that’s the kiss you reserve solely for your one-and-only.

Just as there is no such thing as too much spice in your sex life, there’s no such thing as too much kissing.

Many of you have all but given up on kissing. Think about it. Pecks are there, yes. But what about the forget-your-name lip locks? I understand… you’ve been married for a while. The kids are a handful. Work is stressful. Prepping for the holidays has taken its toll. You figure if you’re lucky enough to have intercourse, you’re doing better than most.

Friends, if you abandon the key piece of affection that is kissing, you’ve abandoned a most intimate, soul-connecting piece that cannot be found elsewhere.

There are many, but here are 3 Key Reasons to Lock Lips with your Lover:

(1) Intimate. A kiss is personal and unguarded. When you open yourself to that place, you make yourself vulnerable. Vulnerable can be scary, yes, but also offers a release of fear, doubt, and worry while connecting you in a deep, cozy, familiar way. Give yourself to one another.

(2) Exciting. A kiss is electrifying. True, the electricity will sometimes be full wattage and others less. But that moment right before a kiss is your opportunity to gaze through the windows of your lover’s soul. To see them fully. The kiss itself solidifies the very existence of love and complete acceptance.

(3) Exercise. Ah, yes! You will also burn some calories making out with the love of your life (bonus!) So… eat all the Christmas cookies you want, my friends. Just plan for extra smooching time (double bonus!)

Get back to the basics. Kiss. Kiss a lot. Be coy. Be aggressive. Be everything in between. Mix it up.

Kiss on the mouth. It’s simply too intimate to let fall by the wayside.


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