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Friday / October 26 / 2012

This must be what liberation feels like

After sharing news with my son Grant this Wednesday *October 24th*, he declared, “Wow, now EVERYone in our family has something to celebrate!”

He’s referring in part to the huge wins he and our daughter had last week [if you missed those celebrations, you can catch up HERE].

The significance of what happened in my life to warrant such celebration is two-fold. One, the accomplished milestone itself (which I will expound on in a moment) and two, the day on which it came to fruition: October 24th. Afterall, it was just one year ago when — for the first time — I spent October 24th reflecting on the car accident as the accident, rather than my accident.

Little did I know that this year, I’d not only celebrate life, but fully embrace a gift.

Let me back up a bit…

My personal journey to optimal health and my role as a Health Coach are gifts to me on many levels and I don’t take them for granted. Whenever I receive a UPS tracking link for a new client’s first order, I reach out via email to share the excitement of their expected delivery. My standard email includes a Christmas analogy, “It looks like you can expect to receive your order by the end of the day on such-n-such-a-day. Whenever I get an order in the mail, it feels like Christmas to me!” (True story — I’m like an eager, wide-eyed 5-year-old on Christmas morning.)

On Monday I was penning emails to four brand new clients and in each case, realized I was replacing the words, “such-n-such-a-day” with “this Wednesday, October 24th“. I readily believed it could feel like Christmas to THEM on that particular day — but for me? …like Christmas? Really?

What if a delivery was scheduled to arrive at MY house on October 24th? Would it feel like Christmas to me then? “Be honest,” I implored, seemingly unwilling to accept the “YES!” that came so effortlessly. October 24th no longer resonated as a day of dread but rather, a day to embrace the gift of life. This must be what liberation feels like.

As soon as I thought, “It doesn’t get much better than this,” I realized the BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal) I set to accomplish for my business by the end of the month was going to culminate early… on October 24th.

It was as though God was thinking, “Yeah… it’s going to be nice for Donna to have it “feel like Christmas” on October 24th when her order arrives. But hey, Christmas is MY kid’s birthday so what if on that day — that very specific day — Donna attains her BHAG with the organization that’s only just begun to change her life, the life of her family, and the lives of the thousands of people she will help. That would be pretty cool, right?”

Pretty cool indeed. I’m giddy. My soul is exploding with evolution.


One response to “This must be what liberation feels like”

  1. Rick says:

    and now I know exactly what that feeling is like! and it is awesome!

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