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Friday / January 13 / 2012

I never screamed

The air smelled antiseptic. The walls were sterile white.

The room which had been so cold just moments earlier was now drowning in warmth as my emotions raced. The similarities were eerie. Read the full story…

Tuesday / October 25 / 2011

Why you should process the pain of tragedy

Bow Bridge in Hadley, New York (Oct. 24, 2011)
Bow Bridge in Hadley, New York (Oct. 24, 2011)

For the first time in 25 years, I spent October 24th reflecting on the car accident as the accident, rather than my accident.

Early in the day, I penned a blog post about how that day affected the hearts of an entire community. Read the full story…

Monday / October 24 / 2011

Did you like it better when it was yesterday?

Did you ever like it better when it was yesterday? Wishing tomorrow wouldn’t come because of what it held or represented? (I see many of you nodding your heads because yesterday was still “the weekend” in this case!) Read the full story…

Sunday / October 16 / 2011

I remember everything except the actual crash

As I was sharing a craft beer and ahi tuna with a new friend last week, I found myself relating the story of the accident.

This October 24th will mark 25 years since that fateful afternoon. I remember it like it was yesterday. Every last detail. Read the full story…

Monday / August 15 / 2011

Nails with Neeser: when heroine is good

Denise & Donna (Girls’ Weekend in New York City, Fall 2007)

“Nails w/ Neeser”. That’s what my calendar read for 3:30pm yesterday. A pedicure date with a bestie. Long overdue, much needed time together. 

We reclined in the massaging chairs (quick to turn off the “seat” option because, well, it’s just awkward to have things poking at your butt!) Read the full story…