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Monday / April 04 / 2011

First day of school excitement: skip’s first god rock show at christ church

Yesterday was Skip’s first day-on-the-job as music director at Christ Church and what a first day it was. Neither of us slept well the night before. The excitement and anticipation was evident. We were like two kindergarteners waiting for the first day of school.

The 8:30am run-through went well and the music team camaraderie was immediate, natural and relaxed. Several of us tweeted, texted and Facebooked (sure, it’s a verb) sharing the news of Skip’s first “official” Sunday… or as Jessica put it, “Skip’s 1st God Rock Show”!

L-to-R: Dave Lion, Jessica Bailey, Giselle Turnbull, Gisella Montarez-Case, Kenis Sweet, Vicky Sweet, Ruthellyn Thorne, Diana Simonson, Paul Dowen, Phil Richards, Dawn Dunn and Skip Smaldone facing the group

Our fearless leader Father Philizzle (aka: Pastor Phil Richards) gathered the team for prayer before service. As we all bowed our heads (yes, me too… after I snapped a few pics), I couldn’t help but feel the heightened sense of love and excitement. How grateful I was to be worshiping with a group of friends, old and new, who hold such awe for the God we serve. How fitting it is that this one humble church is home to such a diverse group of people. My heart was open. Wide.

True to form, the prelude Hubs played on the magnificent church organ was Great is Our God — with a few licks from In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida thrown in for good measure. Fantastic start.

We all shared in the baptism of precious baby Neviah and then listened as Pastor Phil spoke from his heart. As he taught, I found myself leaning in, literally. Hearing the wisdom in his words, “other religions don’t have to be wrong for us to be right”. My arrogance fell away as I realized none of us has it all figured out. So why should we judge or condemn those who think or believe differently than us? In chapter three of his book, When Christians Get it Wrong, Adam Hamilton imparts, “I share Christ with others because I believe He teaches us about love, mercy and grace… of God’s sacrificial love, of forgiveness of sins and of the hope of everlasting life… because I want others to know that God already loves them.” Wow.

This poignant first official Sunday ended with the sharing of communion. How appropriate.

My soul feels good. Refreshed. More cognizant than ever we’re all diverse pieces, connected together in an awe-inspiring puzzle.

Welcome home.

4 responses to “First day of school excitement: skip’s first god rock show at christ church”

  1. jessica bailey says:

    Well said love .. Absolutely an excitement in the air. Even the few kinks in the workings of our first rodeo seemed to fit just right. What a wonderful day and so much more where that come from! XO

  2. Donna Smaldone says:

    So true. Looking forward to all the future holds for our community. So glad you’re a part of it, Jessie! xo

  3. Stephani says:

    I felt a charge pulsating through my body during the first hymns. Hearing any portion of Ina Gadda Davida played in church, I can now rest easy.

    We all look forward in watching Skip’s ministry grow within Christ Church’s community.

    Welcome and shalom!


    • Donna Smaldone says:

      Thank you, Stephani! What a great morning it was. So looking forward to all that is yet to come! xo

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