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Greetings, friends!

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Since 2012, I’ve been a Certified Health Coach, helping people just like you awaken their Why, dream bigger, and embrace the optimal health they desire & deserve in body, mind, spirit, and finances. The result? Transformed lives. I’m glad you’re here.

Donna Smaldone

Monday / November 21 / 2016

a simple thank you

a simple thank you
a simple thank you

Even before my eyelids open, I know you’re there. I feel you in the beating of my heart. Unwavering. Warm. Purposeful. Its rhythm, the very blood flow that gifts me life. No matter the day prior or what lies ahead, your love is delectable. Like indulging in the plump grapes I stumbled upon while apple picking. Thank you.  Read the full story…

Thursday / April 28 / 2016

Broken crayons still color

Broken crayons still color
Broken crayons still color

I hear the word, ‘stain’ and immediately think, “uh oh! How will I get that out?” Embarrassed to leave it and allow it to mirror my life and what I’ve been up to, I’d rather flip cushions and scrub yoga tops than admit I’m less than perfect to a world that is — oh yeah, imperfect.  Read the full story…

Friday / March 11 / 2016

In chase of the glorious orb

Myrtle Beach Sunrise (March 11, 2016)
Myrtle Beach Sunrise (March 11, 2016)

You don’t have to look upward to engage with the sun. Set your gaze forward and look directly into her life-giving rise. God births the sun anew every day to provide you warmth, wonder and curiosity.  Read the full story…

Wednesday / March 02 / 2016

Heart behind bars

"Heart behind bars" photo by Donna Smaldone
“Heart behind bars” photo by Donna Smaldone

The sound of the cell door thundering shut is emotionally debilitating. You crumple to the scuffed floor, weeping. You imagine the many who’ve been here before you, trying desperately to slog through the pain. Your abs clench, your insides knot together and you struggle to make sense of it all. How did this happen? How did you get here? Read the full story…

Saturday / October 24 / 2015

Awaken to find you have wings

Photo by Mike Bruscia, Chincua Butterfly Sanctuary

For nearly three decades, I allowed the untapped emotional terrain held captive in my soul to corrode my self-worth and devalue my survival until I finally discovered the courage and the means to grab it by the throat and embrace Truth. It was 29 years ago today, October 24, 2015, the car I was driving crashed into a tree at 100+ miles per hour and burst into flames.  Read the full story…