Heart Led Health by Coach Donna
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Monday / September 05 / 2011

Dealing with depression: a personal story

News of social media guru Trey Pennington’s suicide spread rampantly across social media channels last night, forcing me – and thousands of others – to look squarely at dealing with depression. And for me, it’s personal…

I Have Depression, Too. Read the full story…

Monday / August 22 / 2011

The phone call you never want to get

Our Monday morning started with more frivolity than usual. Casual dress, sunscreen in hand, and a cooler filled with fruit salad and grill-ables. We couldn’t have picked a more glorious Adirondack day for our staff picnic on Lake George.

And then the phone rang… Read the full story…

Monday / March 28 / 2011

Everybody wants to see another birthday, but death is mandatory

Death is the one thing we’re certain awaits, no matter our beliefs, upbringing, health habits or how ‘good’ we’ve been. It’s unavoidable. Mandatory, if you will. Read the full story…

Tuesday / March 22 / 2011

Life is fragile: today I celebrate Tina Fonzo

Without wordsmithing, I simply say, “Happy birthday, Tina.”

Today marks the day Tina Fonzo came into this world 41 years ago. She left it when she was 16. Read the full story…