Heart Led Health by Coach Donna

Tuesday / April 21 / 2015

Innate awakenings

It wasn’t the thunder that woke me at 2:23am. It was mother’s intuition. As if I’d gotten a full night’s sleep, I was up. Ready, willing and able to take on whatever monsters lay in waitRead the full story…

Thursday / April 16 / 2015

Monsters under the bed

“SUCKER!” is what my daughter dubbed me when I explained why I turned-on the light in my three-year-old grandson Brody’s closet before tucking him in for the night while babysitting.  Read the full story…

Monday / March 25 / 2013

Love is blind

“Oh, she’s so sweet!,” rings the voice of my 9-year-old niece Lainey about her friend Arianna. “She’s really smart, she has a pretty voice, and we like a lot of the same things.” As she ran through the list of attributes her new friend holds, never once did she say, “blind”. Not once! She didn’t need to. It had nothing to do with who her friend is.

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Tuesday / December 11 / 2012

4 reasons you need a little ChaCha in your life

My niece Caroline Grace (pic taken April 2012)
My niece Caroline Grace (pic taken April 2012)

As I float above an endless ocean of pillowy clouds en route home from eight days in San Antonio with my Sissy and her Chicks, I can’t help but reflect on the lessons I learned from my 3-year-old niece, Caroline Grace… my sweet “ChaCha”.

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Monday / August 27 / 2012

How I know he’ll make a great husband

My son Grant Smaldone in Charleston, South Carolina (summer 2012)
My son Grant Smaldone in Charleston, South Carolina (summer 2012)

Limply waving my white flag at the seasonal flu, I plopped down on the couch and buried myself in blankets. Eyes squinched in a paltry attempt to will my headache away, I sensed someone settle on the arm of the couch just above my head. Glancing upward, I saw the one thing certain to remedy my affliction… Read the full story…