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I’m glad you stopped by. With the current state of our world responding to the coronavirus, three things have come into focus: personal health, financial security, and time with family.

My name is Donna Racette and I’m a Certified Health Coach specializing in weight loss, weight management, self-esteem, mindfulness, and energy.

My blogs are below and I hope you will enjoy them.

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Wednesday / April 01 / 2020

When it’s OK to litter

The hope-filled image of our Tribe Zoom from Monday, April 01, 2019 littered my Facebook Memories.
Our Tribe Zoom – Monday, April 01, 2019
It’s April First and I see no fools here. Each face you see here has a story, many riddled with self doubt and fear. When we got brave enough to say, “Yes,” to the helping hand we were offered, doubt and fear were overtaken by hope, joy, and freedom. Once complete strangers, we have become family.

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Friday / March 20 / 2020

I’m fine

eyes downward, hiding behind a facade (summer 2012)
eyes downward, hiding behind a facade (summer 2012)

Have you ever said, “I’m fine,” just hoping someone would notice you’re not and offer help? This image of me was captured eight years ago at a friend’s summer party in upstate New York, a palooza in every right. I’m struck by how clearly I now see the facade I couldn’t see then. Read the full story…

Wednesday / January 01 / 2020

This is an important but

So many possibilities lie just in wait.
So many possibilities lie just in wait.
With relentless pursuit, people’s opinions seek us. Some we wish to dodge and others we want to bathe in. “Wanna know what you are?,” we can hear them judging. “You’re a…… {fill in the blank} ninny, luvbug, goofball, brat, life saver.” It’s consuming.

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Sunday / July 21 / 2019

The fill-in-the-blank that defines you

I implore you to use color when you fill in the blank.
I implore you to use color when you fill in the blank.

As a child, I distinctly believed grown-ups were living “the life of Riley”, a carefree, comfortable and thoroughly enjoyable way of living. My naive young mind was convinced that having an income, a car and no curfew would somehow grant me the freedom to live without worry and do and be whatever I chose.   Read the full story…

Thursday / May 23 / 2019

Empower yourself with IM

Shift from IMPOSSIBLE to I'm Possible.
Shift from IMPOSSIBLE to I’m Possible.

My job as a Hope Dealer is to challenge your thinking and help equip you to be empowered. Here’s the catch (yes, there’s a catch). You have to want to be empowered. In my daily conversations, I’m reminded how many people feel underserving and hopeless. I used to be one of them. Read the full story…