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Testimonials about Donna Racette

Your support and encouragement mean more than you know.
Thanks for reading.   — Donna

Unabashedly me!  (Photo by my precious friend and amazing photog Kathy Freundel, kathyfreundel.com)

“The depth and power of your words ignite my guarded soul every time. You are an incomparable human light of love and hope and prosperity.”
–David (Cambridge, New York)

“You are amazing. You couldn’t know how you have touched me with your posts and your guest posts. I am blown away! Keep on writing. This is a winner.”
–Ron (Virginia Beach, Virginia)

“I always have a smile on my face and feel refreshed after reading your blogs!”
–Barb (Boston, Massachusetts)

“I am drawn to Donna’s fearlessness to share openly, deeply, and compassionately. The more I get to know her, the more I admire her unique take on life, love, and relationships. Donna is the real deal and her passion for life is contagious.”
–Tommy (Denver, Colorado)

“Donna, you make the process of ‘evolving’ approachable, acceptable, and allowable…. embracing the notion that we’re all works-in-progress. Thank you.”
Pasquale (Glens Falls, New York)

“I truly enjoy your blog. I laugh, smile, relate, weep and think.”
Sheryl (Worcester, Massachusetts)

“These stories you share help me to better understand the depth of your suffering on that awful day, and beyond. I am proud of you, not for surviving, but for living the life that you live despite those difficult times.”
–Denise (Warrensburg, New York)

“You never cease to amaze me. Your inspiring words, your love for life and all things in it. I love hearing things that you say, and the posts you put on your page. Very inspiring, to say the least.”
–Michele (Palatine Bridge, New York)

“Donna’s energy and love for life are contagious. She is positive, energetic, kind and has an incredible sense of humor. Donna is not afraid to get to the heart of the matter, and does so with an amazing amount of compassion, wit and wisdom.”
–Erica (Los Angeles, California)

“I love that you love… The way you love… The fact that you analyze and invoke thought about loving… The way you express and interpret life and love. The You Evolution™ is a great way to share and inspire! You & Skip are a great model for Kara and me to emulate.”
–Zack (Baltimore, Maryland)

“Perfect reality Donna. The Lord knew you were destined to help so many others through your insightful words of wisdom and your generous heart to share them with others. He knew you had ‘The You Evolution™’ locked inside of you. Thank you for stopping me from slipping into the “life/people really suck lately” attitude and for helping me reach deep down inside myself to bring back out the ‘me’ I use to be. You are an inspiring lady and we are all very lucky God saw fit to share you with us!”
–Cindy (Argyle, New York)

“Your blog has some very thought-inspired words. Made me think about a lot of things differently. Thank you.”
–Kasey (Hudson Falls, New York)

“Donna has an innate talent of engaging those around her in deep conversation. She’s left me with new perspective and a strong motivation to invest in my own evolution.”
–Adrienne (Fargo, North Dakota)

“I LOVE your honesty. You are the real deal.”
–Kathy (Westminster, Maryland)

“Your writing is indicative of the kind, generous, thoughtful, loving person you are. It’s evident you spend most of your time figuring out how to be a blessing to all those around you – strangers, acquaintances and friends alike. Thank you for sharing the enthusiasm with which you choose to live your life. I hope it’s contagious.”
–Deborah (Prattville, Alabama)

“Your blog is wonderful, uplifting.”
–Ruthellyn (Fort Edward, New York)

“Thanks for reminding me today about how precious life is. You have no idea the impact you have on others. Thank you for shining the light!”
–Beth (Greenfield Center, New York)

“What an inspiration you are to gay and straight alike. What an example you set of how love is no different, whether you love someone of the opposite or same gender. We need a lot more straight and open-minded people like you. I love your writing, and I love your spirit. Keep it coming!”
–Rick (Vancouver, Canada)

“You and Skip are an inspiration to all the young love out there. Keep showing them how it’s done.”
–Dave (Glens Falls, New York)

“Your story is genuine, funny, exciting, inspiring.”
–Linda (Atlanta, Georgia)

“For someone who hasn’t had an image of what a healthy, loving relationship could be and should be, I am now a better me for knowing the love that you and Skip have for each other. It is good to know that real love is possible – not without its ups and downs – but it IS REAL. It’s not just a story made by Walt Disney anymore. It is within both of you and I am privileged to have this glimpse.”
–Jessica (Queensbury, New York)

“Thank you for sharing with us and helping us enjoy the good things in life, easing the difficult things that come along with it.”
–Dawn (Hicksville, New York)

“You are an AMAZING person, Donna. Continue to let your light and love shine through.”
–Brenda (East Hemet, California)

“Love your blog and look forward to adding it to my daily reading!!!”
–Jennifer (Glens Falls, New York)

“I’ve been reading your blogs this week and loving them. I like the story of how you met Skip by falling into his lap. Someday when I get my “white picket fence” I’ll make sure it’s splashed with a little tye-dye! PS: Nice insight with the gay series too, they are posts I’ll be sure to share with my gay friends. Good stuff.”
–Brendan (Saratoga Springs, New York)

“LOVE your blog posts!”
–Stacy (Anderson, South Carolina)

“How wonderful that you can see so clearly what should be commonplace for all: love is love. Thanks for your ever-insightful look at the world.”
–DeRonda (Argyle, New York)

“Donna expresses her unique take on life and relationships all throughout her blog. It’s her way of encouraging people to love and live in harmony with each other. From everything I see, Donna does her best to live the life she talks about in her blog, and she does a pretty darn good job of it.”
–Michael (Towson, Maryland)

“Thanks for sharing thoughts to chew on. As always, your blog is an awesome read.”
–Phil (Hudson Falls, New York)