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Saturday / May 25 / 2013

You is plenty

A friend said to me recently, “You get to be YOU, Donna. And ‘you’ is plenty.”

Sidebar to those who know me well: I forgive you for automatically assuming my friend meant, “…because Holy Cow, Donna, ONE of you (and all your lunacy) is all this world can handle!”

insert smile here, with a little wink and nod of understanding to the lot of you!

Dissecting, “you is plenty”, I’ve arrived at something very simple yet very profound… Oh, how I love the way those of you who love me, love me. Thank you.

Thank you for “getting me” when so many don’t. Thank you for pushing me toward my great potential. Thank you for telling me, “you can do this!” and really believing I can. My appreciation is solid and deep for how you don’t give up on me, even after seeing me at my worst. You inspire me toward the greatness of ME. 

Do you have people in your life who inspire you toward the greatness of YOU? Individuals with whom you communicate, as the saying goes, “with but a glance”? My own list includes:

  • My parents, who from the day I entered this world, encouraged me to be everything I was designed to be;
  • Sharing milk-out-your-nose laughter with my baby sister;
  • Those ‘check-in glances’ you share with just one (or two!) at a party or other family or social gathering. [I think I still need to blog about this one]; and
  • Instant connectivity with a like-minded soul, who you’ve only just met.

I am all I am because of what’s been invested in me. By myself and by others.

I get to be ME. And ‘me’ is plenty.

Want to play in the sandbox for a minute? Stand in front of a mirror and say outloud, “I get to be ME. And ‘me’ is plenty.” Don’t just chuckle and imagine yourself doing it. I DARE YOU to get up right now and actually do it. Say it a few times to get the giggles out (you know who you are) — and then, say it for real. I promise you’ll be infused with an empowering rush of positive energy. If you feel nothing, ask yourself why you don’t believe you (and then really listen).

Don’t you have enough negative self-talk going on behind your eyes? Isn’t this supposed to be YOUR life? Then perhaps it’s time to take Life by the collar and declare, “Look, Life, I will be living you now!

You cannot change what has already happened. You can change how you move forward.

Guess what, friends? YOU DESERVE IT!!  

Oh, and to those of you curious about the image I chose to feature in this post:
(1) Yes, I took this pic while running myself a little bit of heaven (aka: Tubby Time).
(2) Yes, said Tubby Time was today as I left the cold rain outside and got to simply enjoy the relaxing version of ME.
(3) Yes, the duck went in the tub with me! [I am, afterall, a fan of hot, relaxing baths and yes, Rubber Duckies!]


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