Heart Led Health by Coach Donna

Monday / November 21 / 2016

a simple thank you

a simple thank you
a simple thank you

Even before my eyelids open, I know you’re there. I feel you in the beating of my heart. Unwavering. Warm. Purposeful. Its rhythm, the very blood flow that gifts me life. No matter the day prior or what lies ahead, your love is delectable. Like indulging in the plump grapes I stumbled upon while apple picking. Thank you.  Read the full story…

Monday / April 04 / 2011

First day of school excitement: skip’s first god rock show at christ church

Yesterday was Skip’s first day-on-the-job as music director at Christ Church and what a first day it was. Neither of us slept well the night before. The excitement and anticipation was evident. We were like two kindergarteners waiting for the first day of school.
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Sunday / March 20 / 2011

Butcha can’t take the pastor outta the boy: a world of discovering new beginnings

New beginnings. Isn’t that what the First Day of Spring is all about?

Since Skip-n-I moved back to our roots a little over a year ago, it’s been a world of discovering new beginnings. Read the full story…