Heart Led Health by Coach Donna

Thursday / September 10 / 2015

Depression isn’t just sadness

Depression isn’t “just sadness” or something you can get over. Depression includes sadness. Having sadness is like having a cold or the flu. It’s completely miserable and with time and a little TLC, will pass. Depression is like having cancer. Read the full story…

Thursday / January 31 / 2013

When depression grabs the reigns

A fave perk about working for yourself is no alarm clock. That… and having a boss who thinks you’re pretty great!

My innate wiring makes me a “night owl” which means I often work well into the wee hours. It energizes me.

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Monday / March 19 / 2012

How to grow a stout heart and cast-iron stomach

Is it just me or is the latest movie trend to have at least one person throw-up in every movie? I blame the puppet vomit scene in the 2004 Trey Parker, Matt Stone movie, Team America: World Police (a scene my boys thought would be amusing to make me repeatedly watch). If memory serves, that was the moment I started exhausting the phrase, “I have to live with boys!” Read the full story…

Tuesday / February 07 / 2012

6 truths to normalizing depression (part II of II)

“If depression is creeping up and must be faced, learn something about the nature of the beast. You may escape without a mauling” – Dr. R.W. Shepherd.

I love this quote currently featured on Martin’s website, TooDepressed.com. Read the full story…

Monday / February 06 / 2012

6 truths to normalizing depression (part I of II)

Now more than a year into my personal journey of depression, I continue to be amazed at the number of us who suffer with the illness and people’s perception of it. The latter often taking the larger toll.

Research tells us 54% of people believe depression is a personal weakness. Read the full story…