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Friday / October 01 / 2021

3 Action Steps to Move from Worker Bee to Queen Bee

Queen Bee
Queen Bee

I’m humbled and excited to once again be featured in Herself360, an online magazine that supports & encourages women to connect through stories. My article is published on their site HERE

FOLLOWING IS THE FULL ARTICLE as published on Herself360 . . .

Let’s begin by taking the sting out of the past 19 months and acknowledge the boatload of obstacles the pandemic has thrown at our hives. In my leadership group, we embrace the obstacle as the way because we seek growth in our lives. We’ve learned it’s called growing pains and not growing pleasures for a reason.

I’m going to get a little vulnerable and share a glimpse into my personal story. I don’t believe you’re reading this by accident and if my story can help just one of you, who wants more out of life + love + the journey, then it’s worth it.

We’re in this together, sisters and because of that, we are stronger together.

Share a buzzzz if you’re one of those girls, who prides yourself in following the rules and pouring all your energy into trying to please everyone else. Your partner, parents, children, neighbors at the community bake sale. You put everyone else’s needs on the front burner, try to meet them all, come up empty, and just keep on trying.

It’s exhausting and thankless.

I know because I am a reformed, rule-following Worker Bee. For two decades, I dutifully followed everyone else’s rules to do everything right. I went to college, got married, bought a house, started a blended family. I even got a high-profile PR job with a corner office that paid me six figures.

My life was magical, right?

WRONG! I was wearing a giant smile on my face to get away with my pretend happiness. Then, I got fired from my well-paying marketing job and had to decide what to do about my smile. It was brutal, freeing, and exactly what I needed.

A dear friend of mine said he was happy for me, sharing, “Now, you are now free to do what you were born to do.” He didn’t mean marketing. He meant, helping people stand up, realize they are worthy, and take the reins of their life once and for all.

Remember, we’re following the leadership tenant hereof, the obstacle is the way.

Donna Racette

So, I gave myself a do-over.

I got out of the 22-year unhealthy marriage that had wreaked havoc on my digestive system, mindset, and finances. I ditched the weight (48 pounds). I started volunteering. I formed new friendships and got rid of toxic ones. I started my own health coaching business working virtually with people across the United States.

Guess what? My insides and outsides began to align, and I discovered my genuine smile. That is something I believe every woman should experience.

Maybe that’s exactly where you are right now. Maybe you need a do-over and don’t know where to start. Maybe you’re questioning whether you should, deserve to, or could. You’re tired of your social media profile showing who you are but not making the money you deserve.

Girl, I encourage you to stop “shoulding” all over yourself and take action.

What if you took action? What would life look like for you?

The whole goal here is to stop the tireless buzzing of a life trying to please others, create a hive of your own, and learn how to fill it with all the honey you want – whatever that “honey” is for you. . .

🐝 purpose
🐝 fulfillment
🐝 time freedom
🐝 independence
🐝 impact
🐝 happiness
🐝 a life of your own

Queen Bee Clip Art Donna Racette


Here are Three Action Steps to help you move from Worker Bee to Queen Bee:

(1) Acknowledge you want and deserve something different than what you have.

I realize this sounds rudimentary, but it is the key to getting unstuck and moving forward. If you’re not brutally honest about where you currently are, it will be impossible to move forward because you’ll be launching from an artificial place that doesn’t exist.

(2) Recognize you are worthy and you are enough.
Yes, you are imperfect. I’m here to encourage you to embrace Perfectly Imperfect You. We are ALL imperfect. The moment you step into the chaos that will become your dreams is the moment you become the dominant force in your own life.

Close up Flower Bee

(3) Take action to become the YOU you desire + deserve to be.
The only difference between you and the New You is taking action to reinvent your life. I won’t pretend it will be easy or come naturally. Admittedly, it will be messy. I will share if I had not taken action, the decline of my life and goals would have continued and I’d still be building the dreams of others instead of my own.

This is your time. What will you do with it? Are you ready to build an empire that revolves around life rather than a life that revolves around business? Would you like to be able to make decisions based on whether something has value to you rather than whether you can afford it?

If you are committed to exploring something different, I am committed to come alongside you and teach you everything I know about building a virtual business, rooted in health, wellness, abundance, and duplicity. I believe you deserve it. But it matters not what I believe if you don’t believe it for yourself.

I challenge you to look at how I do this with my team of coaches and a goof-proof, structured system. Using my scheduling link here, book a 15-minute discovery call with me to see what’s possible for your future.

You were born worthy. You were born to be abundantly, unapologetically you.

It’s time to transition from Worker Bee to Queen Bee and I can’t wait to watch you soar.

Donna Racette


Donna Racette is a Certified Health Coach, empowering women to take the reins of their health and life. She founded Heart Led Health with a personal pledge to challenge, inspire, and equip people to awaken their why, embrace what’s possible, and dare to live the life they desire and deserve.

Since 2012, Donna Racette has coached thousands of people across the United States, specializing in weight loss, self-esteem, abundance, mindfulness, and energy. She lives on the south side of Boston with her sweetheart Jonathan and their English Chocolate Lab, Bear.

Prior to health coaching, Donna has nearly 30 years experience as a versatile, award-winning marketing communications professional. She loves writing, hearing people’s stories, kayaking, the ocean, Pilates, and a good personal challenge.

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20 responses to “3 Action Steps to Move from Worker Bee to Queen Bee”

  1. Michelle says:

    Inspiring and beautifully written!

  2. Dr Jonathan Yalowchuk says:

    Thank you for sharing your passion. Thank you for sharing your experience and helping others to achieve their best version of themselves.

    • Donna Racette says:

      You are welcome and it means the world to me to be able to share from my experiences to help other women achieve the goals they desire + deserve.

      On a personal note, I am beyond grateful to have you in my life, Jonathan. THANK YOU for all you do to help empower me to be my best self.


  3. Jamie Swartz says:

    I know I am probably not alone when I say you are speaking to exactly how I ONCE felt about the way my life was going. It’s NEVER too late to change and rewrite your story. I did at age 50 and I will never have to wonder what if I had or what could have been. Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring others.

    • Donna Racette says:

      It is such a joy + honor to watch you LIVE the life you desire and deserve, Jamie! HOW COOL that even at age 50… you could say YES to your dreams + goals and then go after them to bring them to fruition. It’s an honor to call you, Friend.


  4. Love your passion and authenticity! Thank you for being vulnerable with us.

    • Donna Racette says:

      TY Melyssa! I appreciate you so much, my fellow entrepreneur. So often, people become afraid to pursue the dreams of their heart. You are living proof that IT IS POSSIBLE and I thank you for being open + vulnerable with your own heart and journey.


  5. Jessica says:

    Buzzzzz – definitely a rule follower! It’s hard to swerve away from them, for sure. Those that build the life they want, instead of simply the life they were told to build, are inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

    • Donna Racette says:

      Yes, Jessica…. I hear that buzzzzzzz!!!! Thank you for being YOU and thank you for being willing to be open to exploring what is best for your future and the future of those you serve. It matters. YOU matter.


  6. Deborah Barcomb says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. You are a positive force to everyone who encounters you! Love the line about “growing pains not pleasures”. So true!

    • Donna Racette says:

      Thank you, my beautiful Baby Sissy!! Life is so much better b/c you are in it. I appreciate your support + encouragement + the way you inspire people to live authentically. I love you!!


  7. Rena DeFranco says:

    Lovely read, you’re a true inspiration with a beautiful heart!! Congratulations

    • Donna Racette says:

      I appreciate that, Rena. Thank you! It has been such a joy to be reconnected with you. Together, we are going to help a lot of people evolve into their best version of themselves. Can’t wait!


  8. Julie Kaiser says:

    You are amazing Donna! I am so blessed to live life with you. I am so happy to see you be the Donna you were when we were children, fearless, confident and oh so loving. You are authentic and I adore you!!!❤️

    • Donna Racette says:

      awww I love how you said that, Jules. YES… the “fearless + confident Donna” I was designed by God to be. So grateful to be in this life with you, my forever friend.


  9. Joanie Widener says:

    It just makes my heart leap for joy to see how far Donna has come herself, as well as the multitudes that she now mentors and brings beside her to help lead the richest most fulfilling life they could imagine.
    Donna wants each and every individual to excel beyond their highest expectations.
    She has a heart for people, a love of understanding and compassion for every individual.

    • Donna Racette says:

      Wow, dear Joanie! What a beautiful thing to read. Thank you. I am so blessed to be able to do what I do, with the goal of sharing Hope, Health & Prosperity with anyone who wants some. Thank you for being in my life.


  10. Stephanie Hook says:

    What a great read and true inspiration! Donna, you hit the nail on the head. Thank you for sharing your heart, your transparency, and offering hope to so many.!!

    • Donna Racette says:

      Thank you so much for reading and for being such an integral part in helping me share Hope & Health with our hurting world, Stephanie. It’s time for us all to step into all we were designed to be.


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