Heart Led Health by Coach Donna

Friday / May 22 / 2020

Surrender to who you will become

I know you feel uncomfortable right now. I know the word, “surrender” feels scary. I also know you are reading this for a reason and I applaud you for not just scrolling by. I believe God has you reading this for yourself or for someone you care deeply about.

“Don’t buy the lie, ‘It’s as good as it gets.’ Wherever you are, whatever you did, it’s a page in your book but it isn’t the end. Let your life be made new.” ~from the song, “Prodigal” by Sidewalk Prophets

Perhaps you’re approaching the start line of your health journey, considering what you really want, why it’s important to you, and whether or not you deserve it.

You might be somewhere in the middle of your journey, wondering if it’s worth continuing the fight. Or maybe, you’re doubting yourself and the possibility for long term success. Afterall, you’ve already failed, like a gazillion times before, right?

What will be different this time?  

As a child, I thought butterflies were beautiful and free. I knew they were once caterpillars but it never occurred to me the extent of the process they had to go through before they could soar. No one really talks about that stretch of time.

The cocoon.

The stretch it takes to start believing in yourself even before you’ve seen any glimmer of success. The stretch where you’ve lost some weight or unhealthy habits or a negative mindset. But, not all of it.

It’s that point in time when you’ve begun changing but haven’t yet arrived.

It feels disruptive.
It feels transformative.
It feels like surrender.

I want you to know you are not surrendering your growth, your new habits, or your newfound appreciation for yourself. You are not going back to who you once were.

What you’re surrendering is any notion or doubt you can’t do this or you’re not worthy of your metamorphosis. You’re surrendering to who you will become. I know it’s scary and that’s okay. Be scared and do it anyway.

You are going through the growing pains of rebirth. My sweetheart Jonathan says, “They call them growing pains and not growing pleasures for a reason.”

Own it.
Introduce yourself to you.
Thank yourself for the gift of permission to get permanently un-stuck.

You’re becoming a butterfly and oh, baby, are you going to soar!

Consider the adventure of a newly hatched butterfly. How magnificent it must be to see the world from a snail’s pace in the soil only to awaken to find you have wings. How many can say they’ve seen life from such vastly different perspectives?

You can.
You will.

Welcome to your new life, sweet friend. It’s time to embrace your wings and come, soar with me.

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