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Tuesday / April 12 / 2011

Happy girls club: no pouting allowed when spending time with my nieces

No pouting allowed! That was the impetus behind the birth of The Happy Girls Club. My then four-year-old nieces Lainey and Ella and I had all made our way to Myrtle Beach for the week to spend time at Mom-n-Dad’s. Fun in the sun, right?

Well, let’s just say there was… a “pouting incident” which brought about the ‘let’s be real’ heart-to-heart we three girls had. It went something like, “okay seriously… are we gonna waste our time crying and pouting?” (solemn head shakes). “I mean let’s be honest… this whole crying and pouting thing is just ridiculous, don’t you think?” (pouty lips from one, hesitant smiles from the other). “Just ask your cousin… she was pouting and crying earlier for no good reason, weren’t you, Girl #1?” (knowing smiles and reassuring nod from Girl #1). “So let’s just decide right here that we’re going to stop this nonsense right now because afterall, thaaaaaat’s nonsense!” (add gesture of hands and arms in the air).

Glancing at one another for approval and solidarity, the girls joined me upon request (arms and all)… “thaaaaat’s nonsense!” we chimed together. (face-encompassing smiles now, heads vigorously nodding).

Next… a glorious eruption of giggles. It was then The Happy Girls Club came to be. We spent the rest of our vacation under homemade tents, in full-body giggles, making up a theme song, secret handshake and nicknames (“Cupcake” for Ella, “Tootsie Pop” or “Toots” for Lainey and “NahNah” for moi)… and generally just cherishing one another. It was like a great big hug.

My precious nieces Ella Marie (6) and Lainey Joy (7) - LOVE them!

Even though we live scattered across the country, we keep The Happy Girls Club alive and well through cards and letters, giggly phone calls and as often as we can, visits. Those are the best. The girls (now 6 and 7) were together this past week in Omaha, Nebraska and though I wasn’t able to be there for hands-on hugs, I captured as many as I could over the phone and through the pics my baby sissy took. This one is my fave. What a great capture of my two angels embracing life and sharing secrets together on the playground. How I wish I was there.

But of course, I will not cry-n-pout about it. Afterall, I don’t want my membership revoked. That would be just nonsense!!

3 responses to “Happy girls club: no pouting allowed when spending time with my nieces”

  1. Debbie says:

    awww- so sweet! I’ll show Lains tomorrow. <3

  2. Donna Smaldone says:

    Thanks, Sissy! And thanks for the beautiful capture of my girls! LOVE them! …Love YOU! xo

  3. Debbie says:

    Just read it to Lains. 🙂

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