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Monday / August 27 / 2012

How I know he’ll make a great husband

My son Grant Smaldone in Charleston, South Carolina (summer 2012)
My son Grant Smaldone in Charleston, South Carolina (summer 2012)

Limply waving my white flag at the seasonal flu, I plopped down on the couch and buried myself in blankets. Eyes squinched in a paltry attempt to will my headache away, I sensed someone settle on the arm of the couch just above my head. Glancing upward, I saw the one thing certain to remedy my affliction…

My son’s smile.

His kind eyes smiled, too — right into my heart. He pet my forehead and said something like, “I’m sorry you don’t feel well.” Oh how he warmed my heart. Then in true Grant fashion, he verbalized an obvious observation like, “Wow. You have a fever.”

My chuckle caught me off guard because I didn’t think I had any in me that day. “What a comforter,” I thought with admiration.

I felt loved.

That was ten years ago. Today, my baby boy turns 28-years-old.

Aside from the heart of compassion he began cultivating as a child [and the fact he’s now a good-looking attorney!], here’s why my son will make a great husband…

  • He has a fantastic sense of humor, quick-witted and clever;
  • He doesn’t take himself too seriously;
  • He places high value on family;
  • He’s considerate and chivalrous (always opening the door for me, even when it’s raining);
  • He watched the sitcom, “Will & Grace” with me so I wouldn’t have to watch it alone;
  • His smile is infectious;
  • He thinks before he speaks;
  • He has a love for knowledge and never wants to stop learning;
  • He knows he’s not perfect;
  • He loves as deeply as the pools of his big brown eyes;
  • He notices (this one is so important!);
  • He says, “I love you” out loud, using words when necessary.

Today, I celebrate my son and the many unique attributes that make him the man he is today.

You are my heart, Grant. You are my sunshine. I love you. Happy Birthday, Bunny! Love, Mom xo

4 responses to “How I know he’ll make a great husband”

  1. Don Racette says:

    You are incredible Donna. I am always sooooooo amazed at your power over words.



  2. Grant says:

    Aww how nice. It paints a flattering portrait that I hope to fully live up to once I’m 70 and married.

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