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Sunday / May 29 / 2011

Sweet pea in the pool: I have so much to learn from my 9-month old grandson

Splish-splashing with wild abandon. There’s nothing quite like it. And no one does it better or with more enthusiasm than my nine-month-old grandson Brody. I have so much to learn from him.

Here’s a little man who’s only been breathing air for nine months and yet, he views the world with eyes I envy. Yes, they’re sparkly and blue – but that’s not where I was going with this.

My Sweet Pea takes everything in. His whole face smiles when someone he loves walks into the room. He carries on conversations with everyone he encounters and passes judgement on no one. He plays with every toy as if it’s the most amazing thing he’s ever seen. He’s clear about what he wants. He cuddles as he’s falling asleep. And he wakes up with arms lifted toward you, completely lassoing your heart.

Now, he also occasionally poops all the way up his back (read: he did this to his Grammy today when she said to his Mommy, “No, Sweet Girl, don’t worry — I’ll change this one!”). But in the bucket that is Brody, that’s a mere drop.

This afternoon was Day Number One for Brody in new pool and it was a huge success. Probably the best $5.99 Skip-n-I have ever spent.

Indulge me. Video here: Brody’s 1st Day in the Pool

5 responses to “Sweet pea in the pool: I have so much to learn from my 9-month old grandson”

  1. Erin says:

    My god I can’t believe how has grown. That video put a much needed smile on my face. Thank you for sharing that sweet moment with all of us. Love you guys.xoxo

  2. Debbie says:

    SOOOOOO stinking cute!!! Makes me want to go swimming!
    PS is that a DOGGIE pool??!! 😉

  3. Jessica says:

    How adorable … A pool for Zeke and a pool for Brody. Looks like an amazing day of memories .. XO

  4. Sunday says:

    I can’t even believe you are a grandmother. not possible. Love your posts!

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