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Monday / November 21 / 2016

a simple thank you

a simple thank you
a simple thank you

Even before my eyelids open, I know you’re there. I feel you in the beating of my heart. Unwavering. Warm. Purposeful. Its rhythm, the very blood flow that gifts me life. No matter the day prior or what lies ahead, your love is delectable. Like indulging in the plump grapes I stumbled upon while apple picking. Thank you. 

Thank you, God for being in my life. For wanting to be in my life. For longing to be part of my every day and lighting my path with your sincerity and grace. Forgive me the days I spent not relishing that. And if I’m honest, the days to come when I will neglect.

So many times I stumbled off the precipice of life, only to be captured in the enormity and security of your cupped palms, gently lifting me, tucking me back into the earth. “Not yet, my child,” your calm assurance. “You’re here with a purpose.” You never cease to ‘wow’ me. Thank you. 

Thank you for the alphabet. Just as I’m ready to scrap Plan A, you turn the page to reveal Plan B, pointing at the new chapter title with your “I know you best” smile. You check to be sure I notice your cleverness. I do.

There is an unmatched, beautiful freshness in your thoughts. No wonder I can’t understand them! I feel certain I’ve made it through the alphabet at least once already. Therefore, I also appreciate infinite numbers and, well, Plan A-1. Thank you for your creativity and delightful sense of humor.

Thanksgiving arrives this week and with it, a month long effort by many to post daily reflections of gratefulness on Facebook. Such a refreshing change of pace from election talk and vaguebooking. Truly, we have an incredible abundance for which to be grateful.

Walking alongside those hearts of thanksgiving are an equal number of hearts in turmoil, hearts in pain, hearts desperately seeking just one glimpse of hope. The widowed. The childless. Those who gave up the search for hope and are considering an exit strategy. The broken hearted, many who statistically will experience a heart attack this holiday season. So many. Too many.

God, you are sovereign and your unconditional love is limitless. Help us notice other’s needs as you notice. Please. Help us be kind at every turn, in every situation. Yes, even when we pick the longest checkout line with the most complicated order immediately before ours. Teach us to be ever willing and ready to extend kindness and grace to all we encounter, ourselves included. 

God, you are sovereign and I’m cognizant I don’t deserve your favor and grace. Yet, you continue to pour into my  life with sweet abundance. There is no greater gift and I am grateful. Thank you.

This is my simple prayer of thanks. Thank you, God. xo

10 responses to “a simple thank you”

  1. Kim says:

    Sweet, Sweet Donna,
    As usual…You have summed up my thoughts, my prayers, and my life in your message. Because God made me, loves me and “gifted me” with my sense of humor, I know he laughs out loud when I say…
    “WHAT SHE SAID, LORD”… Thank you Lord for Donna and her presence in my life. You sent me an angel all those years ago… one with the gift of putting thoughts to words in a precise and eloquent manner.

    • Donna Smaldone says:

      My beautiful Kimmer!! Thank you for sharing this with me. I feel so blessed and gifted to have had you in my life for the majority of it! So many ups and downs that life throws our way and God is always there with those incredible bear hugs we both love so much. I miss you (and YOUR bear hugs) and I love you forever and ever.

      Love, Donna

  2. Gretchen Foster says:

    Thank you for the reminders Donna. You say it beautifully. I always tell my Team- Plan B is just Plan A in disguise ! And, I for one love Plan B!! I’m forever grateful to call you friend.
    ❤️ Gretchen

    • Donna Smaldone says:

      You’re welcome and thank YOU, Gretchen. I love “…in disguise”! I, too am so grateful to call you, friend.

      Love, Donna

  3. Jeremy says:

    Absolutely love this !!!!! And we all love you

  4. Deb Holton-Smith says:

    Thanks for sharing your heartfelt thoughts! You are the best, sista!!! Happy Thanksgiving. We are all blessed by having you in our lives. XOXOXO

    • Donna Smaldone says:

      You’re welcome, sistah!! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. I am blessed to have you in my life. Miss you!! xoxo

      Love, Donna

  5. Lisa Webber says:

    That people, things, creatures, ideas, struggles, joys and sorrow are laid at our feet at very specific times and for definitive reasons, is no coincidence. Along this incredibly amazing journey, we are given what we need, and I’m learning every day to accept it all with grace, appreciation, and anticipation! I thank God that His purpose was to place you on my path, and I am ever grateful to be walking in this same direction with you! Wishing you the greatest joys this Thanksgiving! Love you Donna!!!! xoxo

    • Donna Smaldone says:

      Sweet sis Lisa, thank you for those profound, encouraging sentiments. TRUTH!: “we are given what we need.” Sometimes it’s hard to embrace and rest in that and I’m thankful we have each other as reminders of God’s love and grace. You are a blessing and I wish you and your family a beautiful Thanksgiving. Love you, too!!

      Love, Donna

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