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Tuesday / March 31 / 2015

6 Ways for You and Your Children to have a Happy, Healthy Easter

Before you fill the traditional Easter basket for your children, consider how you’re setting them up for future body image and weight loss struggles (perhaps ones you’ve struggled with yourself). This important post comes from Dr. Wayne AndersenNew York Times Bestselling Author, Co-founder of Take Shape for Life and Leader in Optimal Health. 

Chocolate bunnies, Peeps™ and candy eggs add to the obesity habits of children. One of every three children in America is over-weight — and one out of every five 4-year-olds is obese; do they need an excuse for more sugar? Children learn by example, so no matter how you try to teach better food habits, they will follow what you do. That means you have to lead by example.

Think before you use candy or deserts as the “treat”. “You can have desert if you eat all your vegetables.” Do you hear the mixed message?

Reflect on your childhood. If you have struggled to lose weight in the past, then chances are you heard those same mixed messages, which still have a negative effect on your relationship with food. Why set up your children for the same struggle?

3 Ways to Help Your Children stay Healthy during Easter

(1) Be Creative. Instead of a basket, get an appropriately sized beach bucket with shovel and some sand toys for summer play. Add in crayons, coloring book, card games, small toys, dried fruit snacks, raisins or trail mix. If you don’t have the courage to say “no” to candy, then at least choose sugar free candies.

(2) Be Realistic. Holidays are prime times for retailers to push sweets and junk that they want you to believe you must have. You don’t have to buy what they push. Holidays have meaning, and it’s not found on the candy aisle.

(3) Be Future Minded. Think about the mixed messages with sweets and junk that send children on the road to diabetes, heart disease and other medical conditions, which are further compromised by obesity.

3 Ways to Help Yourself Stay Healthy & Focused during Easter

(1) Be Prepared. Have a portion-controlled meal replacement (shake, brownie, or bar) before you arrive at your family or church gathering. This takes the edge off your appetite so you can make sensible choices. This is also the time to keep your favorite healthy fueling in your purse or pocket in case dinner is served later than you expected.

(2) Be Picky. Look over everything at the buffet or on the table before making choices. If you are eating at a restaurant, use this helpful Dining Out Guide. Ask the server to have your food prepared without gravy or butter and request substitution of green vegetables for potatoes. When eating with the family, make the same request of the hostess. If you feel that you cannot ask, then do your best to adapt the food or eat less of it without sparking a family drama.

(3) Be People Centered (rather than food centered). This weekend is about spiritual connections, family and celebration. Stay focused on the reason that this time is special. Plan to spend twice as much time talking as eating. As with any holiday over-stuff on good conversation and you will “gain” wonderful memories.

For my friends celebrating Passover, this Yummy and Healthy Menu is for all eight days of Passover, including what to eat in between meals, based upon the concept of eating six small, healthy meals a day.

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