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Monday / October 24 / 2011

Did you like it better when it was yesterday?

Did you ever like it better when it was yesterday? Wishing tomorrow wouldn’t come because of what it held or represented? (I see many of you nodding your heads because yesterday was still “the weekend” in this case!)

But today always comes, doesn’t it? It’s inevitable.

A large part of me wished today wouldn’t come. Not really today – but October 24th 1986. The day our community lost two precious souls in the accident… two of my most cherished friends, Dan Scott and Tina Fonzo.

But that fateful day did come and an entire community was forced to deal with it head-on.

The bonds of love, support, and unity were never as evident as they were those days and weeks following. We faced it with strength and resolve – metaphorically (and literally) wrapping our arms around one another – and never letting go. Those bonds are still evident today.

Today marks the 25th anniversary of that day and it comes with much more peace than I’d imagined.

Today marks the celebration of life in many ways. Today we celebrate the lives of Dan and Tina, remembering with fondness the time we shared. What a gift.

Today is the birthday of one of my dearest friends, Jeanne, someone I love and celebrate.

Today, the glorious sunshine, vibrant leaves, and warmer temps serve as a reminder that each day is a new day, filled with promise and opportunity.

It simply doesn’t matter what yesterday brought or what tomorrow will bring.

Each day is a chance for us to live life more fully.

Today is a chance for us to stop tormenting our souls with what was or what could’ve been – and embrace each piece of our history, recognizing its purpose in the makeup of who we are. Without any one of those pieces in your life’s journey – good, bad, or ugly – you wouldn’t be you.

You cannot change what has already happened. You can change how you move forward. How you push on. How you grasp life by the collar and tell it, “I will be living you now!”

Every single incident, event, emotion, and challenge lends itself to your You Evolution™.

Today is a gift, my friends. Unwrap it with the same anticipation you did when you were four. You may squeal when you realize it’s an Easy Bake Oven and you can bake brownies for your entire family! You may smile when you realize it’s that board game you’ve been eyeing. You may politely say, “thank you” when you realize it’s a new shirt. Or you may roll your eyes when you realize your brother just wrapped something he found in his room which he was planning to discard.

Each gift, each day will elicit a different response. Each will be filled with different struggles, celebrations, and choices.

But each day is indeed a gift from God. Embrace each day. Cherish them. DECIDE to stop allowing them to tear you down. Instead, use them to build you.

You are a glorious creature. A creation like NO other.

And I, for one, am glad you’re here.
Welcome to The You Evolution™.

8 responses to “Did you like it better when it was yesterday?”

  1. Tracey Conlan says:

    Donna – I love your writing and I am so glad you have found healing and peace thru Christ. I have cried with every article you have written on the accident and memorial to Tina. I was just sharing my personal memories and experience with my daughter of how I handled the events following and just couldn’t imagine the pain you went thru. You are right when you say it affected the community and there was so much i never knew about that day You are a beautiful, humble and courageous woman. I feel so honored you opened up and shared private events and feelings that you never had to. It makes you that much more courageous in my book – but then again thru Christs love and forgiveness those things in the past can be moved beyond to a whole person and your sharing of your journey shows that Again thank you 🙂

    • Donna Smaldone says:

      Your words mean so much to me, Tracey. Thank you for sharing them. And thank you for sharing and processing with your Steph. What a beautiful gift you’re giving her, sharing life, love, and faith so openly and honestly. You are a beautiful person and though we’re across the continent now, I’m honored we call the same place “home”.

      Love, Donna

  2. Kathy Lunt says:

    How right you are dear Donna. I try not to look back unless it’s to give a hand to the next person behind me on this road called life. I believe we all walk the same road-each grain of sand,pebble, stone, rock and bolder, etc. It’s our responsibility to offer a hand to those behind us. After all the person in front of me offered his hand to me.

    • Donna Smaldone says:

      Indeed, we all have a journey to walk, Kathy. Each journey is unique – some more paved, some more rocky. It’s okay to look back, but not with the intent to rewrite history. It’s important to embrace every grain of sand, pebble, and rock that make up the uniqueness of our individual lives.

      Thank you so much for reading and sharing, Kathy.
      Love, Donna

  3. Michelle says:

    I love the way you see life and how with your words- describe it so beautifully. You have such a wonderful, positive attitude and I admire the way you have dealt with a sad, devastating, and life changing situation. When I read your articles, it makes me want to live a better life and enjoy each day. Thank you for your thoughts and words of wisdom.

    • Donna Smaldone says:

      Wow, what a wonderful thing to read, Michelle. Thank you for sharing your encouraging words, not only for me – but for you and all my readers. Thank you, too, for being courageous and wanting to embrace life and enjoy each new day. We never know how many tomorrows we have, which is why we shouldn’t waste time trying to live anyone else’s life but our own.

      To life!
      Love, Donna

  4. Rick says:

    Nicely done, Donna. I identify with everything you wrote.
    Perhaps I could also add each new day is a new beginning. Sometimes, I’m happy to let go of today. Sometimes, I look forward with great anticipation to tomorrow. Because every new day is not only a gift, as you write, but also it’s a fresh new start.
    And, sometimes, more than anything, I need to know I’m not the sum total of what happened yesterday. That the promise of a new day is another opportunity to show up in my life and move closer to what I was put on earth to do.
    Thanks for the wonderful reminder.

    • Donna Smaldone says:

      Well said, Rick. Thankfully we are not the sum total of just one day or one experience – but we are indeed a sum of all of our days and experiences put together, with the opportunity (as you aptly noted) to add to that sum with the fresh start of each new day. Thanks so much for sharing.

      Love, Donna

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