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Friday / December 02 / 2011

There are no such things as chance encounters

Success is rooted in relationships. When we take the time to invest in other people’s lives and build relationships, real transformation can take place in their lives and ours.

I don’t believe there is such a thing as chance encounters. I believe paths cross with purpose – and I’ve illustrated this with a personal story in today’s blog (Video Blog).

11 responses to “There are no such things as chance encounters”

  1. Sara Mannix says:

    Congratulations to Kerry! and Downtown Charm in Glens Falls!

    • Kerry says:

      Thank you, Sara! Looking forward to meeting you again soon! I learned so much from your seminar and really enjoyed it. 🙂

    • Donna Smaldone says:

      It’s so great to read your comment Sara… because the Business Development Seminar I referred to in my vlog… was the one YOU did (as you are the social media guru!)

      ‘Hope you and Kerry have the opportunity to meet soon.


      • Sara Mannix says:

        Such a small world, great Vlog, made me stop by today with my kids, it’s a beautiful store…. now I get the “down” part of the downtown charm…. The kids got a make your own craft kit which was really cool (early Christmas gift)… I am in serious need of some girl time, coffee with you guys sounds great… now… the only question for Kerry, is she “sugahhh” … ahhh…. you’ll have to explain 🙂

  2. Rick says:

    I love your video, Donna. You come across so naturally. Do you rehearse at all, or are you just comfortable in front of a camera?

    Your advice is so practical and simple, yet how often do we fail to make a point of doing it?

    That reminds me. Chris and I were recently in a local Starbucks, and I saw one of the employees wear a T-shirt that said something like, you’re here alone, and I’m hear alone. Why don’t we introduce ourselves to each other and make new friends. (I’m afraid the T-shirt said it much better than I did, but you get the idea.)

    Why do we find it so hard to initiate a conversation with someone new? No one likes to be rejected, but, really, who’s going to reject you if all you do is say hi and show a little kindness? And who knows? Such a small gesture could change your life forever–for the good.

    Again, great job with the video.

    • Donna Smaldone says:

      Thank you, Rick. You are too kind. No, I don’t rehearse, I just spend time before hitting “record” thinking about the gist of what I want to communicate. I admit it’s a lot different than my written blogs, because with the written thought, I have the opportunity to go back and edit, wordsmith, etc. But what I like so much about the vlogs (and why I do them) is because they give that raw, organic, me-talking-directly-with-you experience. And since my blog is all about relationships and being real, that seems to make sense to me!


  3. Alissa says:

    Donna–thank you for this and for always making us feel so welcome. You & your crew made our opening amazing–we are so happy to have met you!

    <3 Alissa

    • Donna Smaldone says:

      Right back atcha, Alissa! You – like your sister – are amazing and I’m so happy for you and this new adventure! The vibe at the ribbon cutting was contagious and I can’t wait to see Downtown Charm grow and thrive.


  4. Dria says:

    Congratulations, Kerry! I know Downtown Charm will be a great success!

    • Donna Smaldone says:

      I agree, Dria! Not only have they done amazing things with the space, they’ve created an amazing environment and experience at Downtown Charm.

      Thanks for reading (…and watching!)


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