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Wednesday / December 26 / 2012

Calling all grandeur dreamers…

Late August Moon in Glens Falls, New York (2012)
Late August Moon in Glens Falls, New York (2012)

When do you dream with fullest grandeur? For some it’s now, as another 365 days come to a close and the freshness of a new year is imminent. For some it’s when they least expect it. For many, myself included, it’s juuuuuuust as they’re about to fall asleep

My artiste friend Shay recently posted on Facebook, “It’s always when I feel most creative at night when the eyelids cannot quite keep up with the hands…”

Perhaps you dream biggest when you give yourself permission to let your guard down. When you purposefully prepare yourself for utter relaxation by pushing aside the logistics of the week, you cease all negative self-talk and free your mind from bombardment.

The whirring white noise from the humidifier bulldozes the blur of the busy day and it’s then you surrender control — probably for the first time all day.

When you’re ready, you will relinquish control to the heaviness of your eyelids, which now have the ability to press you downward into the bed.

It feels good doesn’t it?

I begin to dream even before I fall asleep. It’s then I want to grab a pen and just write. But alas, my limbs have succumbed to rest and I’m incapable of changing course.

I dream about happiness and being truly content. I dream about building my business and making a difference in this world. I dream about family members working in solidarity. I dream about the legacy I’m building. I dream about my children being free from student loan debt, unshackled as they push toward their own dreams. I dream about my grandson’s future and wonder what the world will look like as he grows to be an adult.

I dream about the life that matters most to me. And I hold nothing back. I dream big.

Do you?

Why then, when we waken do we force ourselves to stop dreaming and instead, “turn on reality” with a day that looks much like every other in a series of endless days?

What if we drew the two closer together like two drapes on a pull? What if we wove our dreams into our daily reality?

Are you ready to get off the hamster wheel of “reality” as the world dictates it to you? Day in… Day out…

Do you want the reigns of your life back? Who’s holding them now?

It’s time to lend credence to your dreams. We don’t spend nearly enough time doing that anymore. My friend Dr. JC says, “If you continue to lick the lollipop of mediocrity, you’ll suck forever.”

He also says, “Ask yourself where you are right now and THEN {and only then} you can decide where you want to be.”

Typically the only thing standing in your way… is you.

Dare to dream and dream big. Get out of your own way and really dream.  Begin by being brutally honest with yourself, where you are right now, and where you want to be. Break down that dream into small bites and create a step-by-step process to get there. Write it down. Make it measurable. Arm yourself with a plan. The time to do this is now. And you know what?

You deserve it. 

2 responses to “Calling all grandeur dreamers…”

  1. Sue Mills says:

    Donna, Your words are so mesmerizing I got caught up in the moment. What you said is so true. God Bless you, for all the love you give to everyone around you. Love Sue

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