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Friday / March 11 / 2016

In chase of the glorious orb

Myrtle Beach Sunrise (March 11, 2016)
Myrtle Beach Sunrise (March 11, 2016)

You don’t have to look upward to engage with the sun. Set your gaze forward and look directly into her life-giving rise. God births the sun anew every day to provide you warmth, wonder and curiosity. 

This morning, I awoke early once again with a quickened heart, in chase of the glorious orb emerging from the sea. Arriving at the Myrtle Beach shore with 10 minutes to spare, I affixed my camera to the tripod, focusing the lens in anticipation. I paused and made a vow to press “Record” and then, just be present. I’m sharing the treasure I experienced in the following video:

Not only does looking straight ahead come with greater ease than straining up, it offers the freedom to witness God’s never-duplicated tapestry. The exquisite uniqueness of every sunrise reminds me of our own exclusive design. Endless ingenuity. Hence, the repetitive chase.

In but an instance, the sun will no longer be able to contain her magnificence. She will peel off the darkness of night, forced to reveal her indisputable power. Beseeched to protect your eyes, I imagine this must be like peering into the face of God.

If you choose to unwrap the gift of a sunrise, please resolve to be present. No matter what you choose to do (watch a sunrise, housework, horseplay with your child, meditate, run a 5K, laundry, write a letter, drink green tea), resolve to be present so life doesn’t pass you by.


This week, I learned how easy it is to NOT be present from Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn in his book, “Full Catastrophe Living“. He shares a ‘for instance’. If while you’re watching a sunrise, you remark how glorious it is and perhaps, how it reminds you of a sunrise you witnessed another time, you’ve interrupted being present.

By commenting in this way, either in your head or to someone standing alongside you, you catapult back to that memory, removing yourself from the present moment. No longer are you absorbing the beauty of what is right in front of you. You’re watching a movie in your head of the sunrise you referenced. You’re actually living in the past and, just like that, you’ve robbed yourself of the present sunrise. I wonder how many times I’ve done this.

Being mindful can be challenging, wouldn’t you agree? It takes practice, like anything at which we want to be accomplished.

For the past couple of weeks, I have recommitted to living on purpose and with purpose. My commitment includes being present (not an easy task; why is it so arduous?) It includes being present in a daily potpourri of yoga, Pilates, walking, meditation, getting sunshine on my face, planking and mindful eating. I feel amazing! It makes me chuckle to realize I need to remind myself to be mindful.

Friends, each day begins with a sunrise, painted by God. What you do before it sets is what matters most. Unlock the door, be present with whatever you’re doing and live into all you were designed to be.


2 responses to “In chase of the glorious orb”

  1. Deb Holton-Smith says:

    “It makes me chuckle to realize I need to remind myself to be mindful.” That summarizes it all!!!
    Tomorrow….I shall be on purpose and be committed to see the orb as well!!!!!
    Thank you, Sista! XOXOXO

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