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Saturday / April 02 / 2011

Is rubber duckie really the one?: it’s my birthday and I’m irrevocably happy

Is Rubber Duckie really the one? Ernie will tell you he is. Actually, he’ll sing it! I’m a big fan of baths. In fact, I prefer them to showers. So does my Mom. Like mother like daughter.

On many levels, I agree with Ernie. But he’s just scratching the surface. It’s not really Rubber Duckie that makes tubby time so much fun. Rather, it’s the bath itself. The warm water enveloping not only your body but your cares, too. It’s why Calgon has been so successful for more than 50 years… because they are “dedicated to creating uniquely exhilarating bath and body experiences that stimulate the senses, restore the spirit and take you on a special, fragrant journey to the place you want to be.” Well said.

This isn’t a plug for bath products. It’s about immersing oneself into almost-too-hot water, taking a deep breath in and out, closing your eyes… and relaxing. aaaahhhhh! The experience is like none other. And whether you’re a ‘bath person’ or a ‘shower person’, you know you search vacation listings for “jacuzzi suites” or at least, “hot tub on premise”!

We’re wired this way from the moment of conception. Not for hot tubs, but the comfort of water. We spend nine months enveloped in fluid, floating around without care or worry. So it’s no wonder when we’re introduced into the world we long for that submersion. That’s why babes enjoy bath time so much. My grandson Brody loves bath time. And I mean LOVES it! He’d stay in there all day if he could, splashing and playing… not a care in the world.

Irrevocably happy.

Today I celebrated the day of my birth with the many well wishes of friends and family. I feel so loved and cherished. My gift to myself was starting my special day by immersing my mind and body in a hot, relaxing bath. I closed my eyes and noticed the smile that had taken over my face. I am so happy… with my husband, with my children, with my life. Blessed beyond measure. Irrevocably happy.

And yes… I took a Brody moment (or two) to splash around with childlike abandon.

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  1. Debbie says:

    awwww! Love my baths too!!

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