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Wednesday / January 01 / 2020

This is an important but

So many possibilities lie just in wait.
So many possibilities lie just in wait.
With relentless pursuit, people’s opinions seek us. Some we wish to dodge and others we want to bathe in. “Wanna know what you are?,” we can hear them judging. “You’re a…… {fill in the blank} ninny, luvbug, goofball, brat, life saver.” It’s consuming.

Perhaps you experienced it last night as you rang in the new year, wondering what people thought of your outfit, your resolutions, your decision to drink or not drink. Other people’s opinions can leave you feeling validated, encouraged, or with an awful, sunken knot in your belly. But (this is an important, “but”) only if you allow it.

One thing you’ll hear me say ad nauseam is, you always have a choice. Even when you cannot control the circumstances, you always get to choose how you respond.

So as we enter this new decade, give yourself permission to say, “thank you,” to the compliments and take little stock in them. Say nothing to the criticism and take little stock in it.

You are amazing, beautiful, wonderful, capable, accomplished, and worthy because the God of the universe created you that way. Period. No one else’s opinion or thoughts of you matter. Not even a little. Yeah, yeah, I know. Easier said than put into daily action.

Like sand in the surf, I encourage you to shed all that won’t serve you in the new year, including other people’s opinions. Frankly, including your own opinions when they’re cloaked in negative self-talk. Don’t devalue your self worth with spinning thoughts. Turn your eyes toward the potential that lies just in wait. That is what you deserve.

Dream. And then, dare to dream bigger.

Embrace life. Live today like it’s your last because one of these days, you’re going to be right. The incredible, mercy-filled, hope-giving God who created you from scratch has some incredible things in store for you this year and I simply can’t wait to watch it all unfold.

My Facebook post this morning read, “Welcome to Page One of your brand new 365-page book!!” My sweet friend Lisa pointed out 2020 is a Leap Year, so there are 366 days this year. I relish the way she sees the cherry on top.

Happy and Healthy New Leap Year to you. Thank you for being part of Heart Led Health and allowing me to accompany you along the journey. I love, respect, and appreciate each one of you. Cheers to 20/20 Vision in our new year ahead. Let’s devour it. 

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