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Sunday / June 03 / 2012

Why you should buy the big red ball

...get the red one!
…get the red one!

There you are… innocently strolling through the aisles of the store when suddenly, like a best friend pinching your thigh during the scariest part of a movie, you see it. Your eyes reflect the glory of a thousand stars and your inner giddiness is  d y i n g  to find a way out.

You are wide-eyed with excitement, riotously clapping your hands, all the while marching so briskly in place it appears you may pee your pants.

THAT kind of excited. Pretty much the only thing missing are the cries of, “Mommy!!! Mommy!!! Mommy!!! Can we GET this!?? PLEEEEEEEEEASE!???

Standing before you is a mammoth display of glorious bouncy balls. Not those little tiny ones you can send over the roof with just one bounce. Those big, brightly colored ones you can barely put your arms around. Your eyes take in the green ones, purple ones, marbled ones, and… Oh. My. Gosh.


My friends, this kind of excited is typically only seen in children. And why? Well, quite simply because we’ve all [thick with sarcasm]: properly trained ourselves to be grown-ups. “Adults”.

Who made up these rules? And aren’t we the “adults” now? I say — get giddy! Let your Freak Flag fly, baybee!

Take the lead from Friends’ Phoebe Buffay (portrayed by Lisa Kudrow) and her chosen style of running. Great lesson: “I thought running was supposed to be fun.”

Buy yourself one of those big bouncy balls. Treat yourself. And don’t get a purple one or a fancy marbled one. Get a solid, fire engine red one. It will ignite your soul. HINT: your thinking here should be along the lines of how a bull thinks.

Find a comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed or embarrassed (yeah, sure — right there in the store will work fine!) and see what Big Red can do.

How high does it bounce? Pretty high, I bet.
How far can you throw it? Not very, I’m guessing.
Will you sit or lie on it first? I’d lay a wager on a full belly roll with a daring try at balancing (but without letting any body parts touch the ground or any other object, person, or thing!)

So… why? Well, in part because it’s:

  • Invigorating.
  • BOLD and daring.
  • Exhaustingly hilarious.
  • Refreshing.
  • Renewing.
  • Unplanned.

Lose control. Just for a moment. I dare you. It’ll be the best $4.99 you spend this week.

I’m looking forward to hearing what you’d add to the “WHY?” list… (please leave your comment below in “Leave a Reply”)

4 responses to “Why you should buy the big red ball”

  1. Sue Mills says:

    Donna, you know sometimes I feel like that, but don’t have the guts to do it. Maybe this week sometime I’ll act like a kid again. I bet it will be so much fun!!!!!!!!! wow Sue Mills

    • Donna Smaldone says:

      You should DEFINITELY do it, Sue! Honestly, I can see this coming very naturally to you as you are such a beautiful, accept-people-as-they-are soul. And you’re right — it IS fun!!


  2. Karen Ulrich says:

    Why? Because its FUN. People are just too stuffy. Heidi and I had rolling office chair races in Staples once. That was FUN. We washed a teddy bear at a laundrymat once…an absolute riot watching the little face slosh around. We adults need to go out and play.

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