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Sunday / January 29 / 2012

Spilling my guts

I love how author James Altucher describes himself in his Twitter profile, “For some reason, I’ve turned myself inside out and all my guts have spilled onto my blog. One day I’ll run out of stuff but not yet.”

Oh how I relate.

Just two days ago, I posted on my Facebook wall, “The feedback I receive from all of you is such an encouragement — helping mold my ability (and desire!) to share such raw, honest stuff. THANK YOU.

The key word is really, “desire”. By becoming more vulnerable on my blog, I’ve found a new, very real connection to my love for writing — and my desire to write, to share, to inspire — has grown.

Of late — said raw, honest stuff has been centered around the horrific accident I was in 25 years ago, including my most-highly-read post, In receipt of bonafide hate mail, which has nearly 500 views as of the date of this post.

The outpouring of love and affirmation I’ve received from my readers (you!) has been overwhelming and I find myself spurred on to continue writing my book.

As I’ve engrossed myself in this book writing venture, the premise has, well — evolved.

Being back home has afforded me a new (positive) process of healing. A process I’ve immersed myself in.

My book will be a memoir, sharing life experiences and my response to them. My hope is the book will serve as a catalyst for appreciation of the delicate gift of life and the redemptive power of hope and grace.

To you, my readers, I am grateful. More soon…


6 responses to “Spilling my guts”

  1. David says:

    Go, Donna, Go! The time to write IS now, while your desire is fresh & hot! Your mental energy is to die for. It is so wonderful to see that right now you can’t define your mind’s limits! Anxious to see how your book unravels….. Much Love!

    • Donna Smaldone says:

      Thanks so much for the vote of confidence, Dave. I love you!

      I’m working on chapter drafts right this moment. Energized.


  2. Carrie says:

    Write, write, write, so we can read read read!

  3. Mary Beth says:

    Hi Donna

    Spilling your guts – as you put it 🙂 – allows you to unload past memories, blockages that are keeping you from being “free” and becoming – evolving into more of whom you truly are. Unloading creates more room for energy to move, always in the body. Rather than holding onto something which creates blockage and illness . We want our experiences to move through us so we can continue to evolve and life a joyous life – ALWAYS.

    When I initially read about the hate mail you recently received, i thought “This note was actually a GIFT” What do YOU think Donna ?:)

  4. Donna Smaldone says:

    Thanks, MB. Well-said. And as you know, I’m all about “The You Evolution™”. Although I would have a hard time calling her note a “gift”, I was able to process it differently after I had the chance to digest a little (respond vs. react).


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