Heart Led Health by Coach Donna
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Tuesday / May 26 / 2015

Color outside your silhouette

Our essence is mimicked in our silhouettes. No two are the same and just a small tilt of the head alters perspective. Embracing our diversities, we can challenge, encourage and equip one another for greatness.  Read the full story…

Thursday / May 07 / 2015

5 reasons we’re so enthralled with #TBT

Throwback Thursday (aka: #TBT) is possibly the most popular hashtag ever. Many of us plan ahead what we’re going to post from week to week. We get excited as if celebrating a holiday. Are you among the masses? Read the full story…

Saturday / April 11 / 2015

Unplug it for a few minutes

It’s 3:55 in the morning. I’m awake and I know exactly why. Something is springing to life in me. That ‘something’ isn’t new, really — more, she’s evolving. After being in a cocoon of sorts, I felt her pull in a breath of air just now as if awakening from a coma. It felt great. It made me want to write! Read the full story…

Friday / February 21 / 2014

Living with gratitude

I would’ve posted something about my blog being on hiatus. However, I didn’t know it would be. Sometimes, the words just aren’t there to give. Sometimes, as in my case, everything you write is SO personal, it’s almost like a betrayal to publish it. Read the full story…

Saturday / May 25 / 2013

You is plenty

A friend said to me recently, “You get to be YOU, Donna. And ‘you’ is plenty.”

Sidebar to those who know me well: I forgive you for automatically assuming my friend meant, “…because Holy Cow, Read the full story…