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Tuesday / May 26 / 2015

Color outside your silhouette

Our essence is mimicked in our silhouettes. No two are the same and just a small tilt of the head alters perspective. Embracing our diversities, we can challenge, encourage and equip one another for greatness. 

What if we use our passions and strengths to edify and be kind to one another and ourselves? What if we give what we can and take what we need

Life is rich. Beauty is everywhere and it’s birthed inside the uniqueness of our silhouettes — the thing we put out there whether we want to or not. Have you ever really looked at yours? I took this silhouette selfie a few years ago because I was intrigued with how much I could hide in it and adversely, how much I could expose. All I had to do was shift my stance. Even a smidge and everything was different (outlook included).

According to Wikipedia, the interior of a silhouette is featureless. 

Ever feel featureless? When life gets challenging, I sometimes want to crawl inside the solid grey shape that represents me and get lost for a spell. It’s not lifeless there, just colorless. No one can find you there but you. It’s OK to to go there and at some point, you need to take out your crayons and color.

You are life’s sweetest creation. You were designed on purpose and with purpose to be perfectly imperfect. Like the card that is, ‘blank inside for your message’, what do you hope to share with the world? Have you started? Every day you wait is a day lost knowing you.

The connections you have are a reminder your life has meaning and purpose. Mary Smart shares, “It’s GOOD to wish for and look forward to the wondrous things in life.”

Someone like you happens only once in a lifetime. Dream and dream big about your future. You get to be YOU, sweet friend and you is plenty. Color outside your silhouette. I double-dog dare you.


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