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Tuesday / April 30 / 2013

Live life without regret

flowers from a friend
flowers from a friend

Like switching from decaf to regular, I’m off the “what if”s and full-on addicted to dream weaving through the possibilities of, “what can be!”

You want in?

Step One. Throw in the towel on longing to change the past. Guess what? YOU CAN’T CHANGE IT! What we have is this moment. Today is a chance for us to stop tormenting our souls with “what could’ve been” and embrace each piece of our history, recognizing its purpose in the makeup of who we are.

FACT: without any one of the pieces in your life’s journey – good, bad, or ugly – you wouldn’t be You.

Live Life Without Regret

Live life without regret. Learn from what’s passed, dream for the future, but don’t miss out on living today. [photo by George Laing Photography 03.24.13]

Acceptance breeds freedom, friends. The only one holding you captive to your past is you. Used correctly, the past can help mold and shape you into a better You. But when you choose to dwell in the past (and it is a choice), you moment-by-moment rob yourself of the best You available.

My long-term love affair with challenging you to be the best YOU you can be has very organically fused with my new love, the gift of freedom to live life around what matters most. The very freedom which allows us to BE who we were uniquely designed to be.

How do you gain such freedom? By taking off the shackles. But first, you have to understand more about your shackles, right? Afterall, it’s not ‘just any’ key that will loosen the grip. It has to be the right key. Equipping you to FIND that key is what I am humbled and honored “to do” for a living.

How long has it been since you’ve woven dreams with someone? Have you forgotten how electric it is to connect with yourself at such a high level? Part of My Purpose is to partner with individuals in the adventure of self-exploration. Let me know when you want to play in the sandbox with me. That may sound terrifying to you right now — and that’s okay because it’s HONEST. When you’re ready — and if you want my help, I’ll be right here to serve as your guide.

In the meantime, in your continued quest to be the best YOU you can possibly be, I hope you choose to live life without regret. Learn from what’s passed – certainly, dream for the future – always, but don’t miss out on living today. You deserve it.

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