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Sunday / July 21 / 2019

The fill-in-the-blank that defines you

I implore you to use color when you fill in the blank.
I implore you to use color when you fill in the blank.

As a child, I distinctly believed grown-ups were living “the life of Riley”, a carefree, comfortable and thoroughly enjoyable way of living. My naive young mind was convinced that having an income, a car and no curfew would somehow grant me the freedom to live without worry and do and be whatever I chose.  

I was spot-on right with my assumption. Well, about having the choice to be Perfectly Imperfect Me, not from whence it would come or that I’d never worry. 

Well known Houston Pastor Joel Osteen is widely recognized for saying, “Whatever follows, “I am…” will come looking for you.” I’ve tested his theory and wow, is it accurate.

The fill-in-the-blank after, I am… defines you. It shapes your heart, molds your day, sets your expectations.

Too often, we use the power of “I am…” against ourselves. I am… tired, lazy, incapable, fat, ugly, undeserving, not worthy, inadequate, not tall enough, uneducated, too far gone.

“…too far gone.” I thank God, quite literally, there is no such thing. You may be “gone”, my friend but it’s never “too far”.

What if . . . we stop playing the victim role and choose to fill in the blank with positive, empowering words. I am… ready, capable and equipped to take on whatever challenges come my way.

Challenges will come. Believe me, they will. They likely already have and with certainty, more are on their way. So, what are you going to do? A perfect life isn’t about not having challenges. It’s about what you do with said challenges. It’s about how much permission you truly gift yourself to glean and grow through the chiseling.

What if . . . we start talking to ourselves like we talk to those we most cherish? What if we start doing it today? Right now? I am… strong, healthy, capable, worthy, beautiful, successful, happy, fun, wondrously made, grateful, talented, full of love and understanding. I am …plenty.

You ARE plenty.
You are reading this for a reason and you get to choose what you do next. You are not defined by your past. Not the past 20 years, the events of this past weekend, or even the last 45 seconds. You (and only you) are the CEO of your Life and I encourage you to use color when you fill in the blank after, I am….

I know it’s scary. Be scared and do it anyway. Just start saying the words and see what happens. Then, if you like, tell me about it in a comment below. I look forward to believing with you. #BePerfectlyImperfectYou


2 responses to “The fill-in-the-blank that defines you”

  1. Amie says:

    Thank you.

    I am great. I am strong. I am empowered. I am beautiful. I am powerful. I am successful. I am brave. I am amazing. I am confident. I am so much more!!!


    • Donna Racette says:

      YES, Amie! You are all those things and more, woven into beautiful, wonderful, Perfectly Imperfect YOU!!


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