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Greetings, friends!

Welcome to Heart Led Health!
Since 2012, I’ve been a Certified Health Coach, helping people just like you awaken their Why, dream bigger, and embrace the optimal health they desire & deserve in body, mind, spirit, and finances. The result? Transformed lives. I’m glad you’re here.

Donna Smaldone

Sunday / February 25 / 2018

Out of hiding

Spring Fever selfie with Zeke in Boston (Feb 20, 2018)
Spring Fever selfie with Zeke in Boston (Feb 20, 2018)

I was 11 years old when I created the concept for my first book, determined to pour out my heart with fierce vulnerability and candor. I wanted to invite others to do the same, assuring them, “You’re not alone!” Likely, it was the true birthplace of The You Evolution™ Read the full story…

Sunday / February 18 / 2018

Margie’s story of transformation and hope

Chris & Colin are a huge part of Margie's WHY
Chris & Colin are a huge part of Margie’s WHY

Have you ever put all your emphasis on something simply because you thought you had to? As if you had no choice? Food. Booze. A relationship, perhaps? My friend Margie candidly divulges, “I’ve gained the sense of control I always wanted but never felt I had.” Read the full story…

Friday / June 16 / 2017

Deep dark truths

not hiding anymore. shine, baby, shine
not hiding anymore. shine, baby, shine

Whew….. I’ll admit it took a lot of courage for me to create this video. For years, I lived with a darkness inside, suffering, refusing to reach out to share my truth with those who love and cherish me most.
Read the full story…

Thursday / March 23 / 2017

Jack: dying for the one you love

His smile would charm even the most cantankerous. “How did you possibly put up with him for nearly 60 years?,” I lovingly nudged, inquiring of his bride. She lay there, dying in the hospital bed placed in her home to cradle her. The next door neighbor I had only just met. Unwittingly. Just days before she took her last breath.  Read the full story…

Monday / November 21 / 2016

a simple thank you

a simple thank you
a simple thank you

Even before my eyelids open, I know you’re there. I feel you in the beating of my heart. Unwavering. Warm. Purposeful. Its rhythm, the very blood flow that gifts me life. No matter the day prior or what lies ahead, your love is delectable. Like indulging in the plump grapes I stumbled upon while apple picking. Thank you.  Read the full story…